The Queens

The Queens

Four unrelated short comedies by four different directors. "Queen Sabina"chronicles the sexual misadventures of a teenage girl on the road home. "Queen Armenia" centers on a self-serving opportunistic gypsy babysitter who uses her employer's kids for her own gain. The third episode, "Queen Elena" centers on a husband who learns a lesson about the perils of infidelity after he succumbs to the wiles of the seductive wife next door. The last vignette, "Queen Marta" centers on a wealthy woman who, when drunk, uses her butler as an outlet for her lust.

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Keenan W (es) wrote: this movie had pontential, but the plot was not clear. I was really disappointed. It just left alot to be desired. There was hardly any action and didn't seem to have clarified direction.

Mansoor N (ca) wrote: Amazingly cast for an independent film. Great performances. Gripping and perceptive storyline. A very pleasant surprise considering I had never heard of it before I picked it up!

Tony B (es) wrote: Very typical '80s cheese fest but it was still mildly entertaining and amusing with fairly good overall production values and a well known cast.

Jim A (fr) wrote: worth a look if very bored,watch for early roles for Rae Dawn Chong and Maria Conchita Alonso,loads of naked women about

Facebook U (kr) wrote: Creative but the devil is in the details.

Jason S (ru) wrote: creepy somewhat confusing movie and i like it

Brett H (br) wrote: A violent, gritty, and memorable crime thriller that shows Jason Patric and Ray Liotta at the top of their game as a perfectly matched pair of narcotics detectives haunted by their respective pasts. Featuring one of the most intense opening chases I've ever seen, the film jumps into action right out the gate and barely lets up. Joe Carnahan's adrenaline-fueled direction is centre-stage and the grim world the film inhabits leaves the audience with an unclean feeling. The story is a bit familiar for the cop genre, but the brewing darkness and unfolding mystery engage right up until the final, ambiguous shot. This isn't a pleasant film to sit through, but the two powerful performances and realistic portrayal of a crime-ridden city make it worth the effort!

Jon N (de) wrote: A nice idea but far from great. To much dinosaur if you ask me.