The Quick and the Undead

The Quick and the Undead

The movie takes place in the present, but in this universe, a plague has broken out and the infected have been transformed into zombies. No explanation is provided for the source of the plague, nor is it explained how the original victims were infected, since by the time the narrative begins the infection spreads by bite. Nevertheless, the action starts 80 years after the initial outbreak. The western United States has devolved into a disconnected series of ghost towns overrun by zombies, and the government is awarding bounties in exchange for the pinkies of the undead.

Eighty-two years ago a viral outbreak turned three quarters of the world population into the walking dead. Now, Bounty Hunters are humanity's only salvation. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Adam T (gb) wrote: I liked this movie despite its apocalyptic cliches and heavy emphasis on sex. Not that I'm a prude but it shows how shallow the lead character is that he chooses a hedonistic rave party over spending the end of the world with his girlfriend. It succeeds visually ( the film is set in Perth, a parched, sun-drenched city in Western Australia which lends itself to the subject). There is a strong, searing dry atmosphere throughout the movie and this gives it 'feeling' in spite of the lead character's questionable moral tendencies and selfish nature.

Jack B (us) wrote: I've met them and I sure as hell didn't enjoy the visit. Awful, a big brown stain in the underwear of cinema. 0/5

Maria M (kr) wrote: You are the sun. The sun doesn't move, this is what it does. You are the Earth. The Earth is here for a start, and then the Earth moves around the sun. And now, we'll have an explanation that simple folks like us can also understand, about immortality. All I ask is that you step with me into the boundlessness, where constancy, quietude and peace, infinite emptiness reign. And just imagine, in this infinite sonorous silence, everywhere is an impenetrable darkness. Here, we only experience general motion, and at first, we don't notice the events that we are witnessing. The brilliant light of the sun always sheds its heat and light on that side of the Earth which is just then turned towards it. And we stand here in it's brilliance. This is the moon. The moon revolves around the Earth. What is happening? We suddenly see that the disc of the moon, the disc of the moon, on the Sun's flaming sphere, makes an indentation, and this indentation, the dark shadow, grows bigger... and bigger. And as it covers more and more, slowly only a narrow crescent of the sun remains, a dazzling crescent. And at the next moment, the next moment - say that it's around one in the afternoon - a most dramatic turn of event occurs. At that moment the air suddenly turns cold. Can you feel it? The sky darkens, then goes all dark. The dogs howl, rabbits hunch down, the deer run in panic, run, stampede in fright. And in this awful, incomprehensible dusk, even the birds... the birds too are confused and go to roost. And then... Complete Silence. Everything that lives is still. Are the hills going to march off? Will heaven fall upon us? Will the Earth open under us? We don't know. We don't know, for a total eclipse has come upon us... But... but no need to fear. It's not over. For across the sun's glowing sphere, slowly, the Moon swims away. And the sun once again bursts forth, and to the Earth slowly there comes again light, and warmth again floods the Earth. Deep emotion pierces everyone. They have escaped the weight of darkness

Gmd E (gb) wrote: Now that's what I call an extremely underrated movie.

Shaun B (kr) wrote: Entertaining flick following the life of one of Hollywood's first Horror icons.

Brian V (nl) wrote: An awful remake of the "thunderball" script. This said the return of Sean Connery gave the film a little something keeping it from being a downright mess.