The Quiet Room

The Quiet Room

A seven-year-old girl adopts a vow of silence in protest when her quarrelsome parents grow increasingly hostile to one another.

A seven-year-old girl adopts a vow of silence in protest when her quarrelsome parents grow increasingly hostile to one another. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Vincent F (br) wrote: I love raunchy teen comedies. My God this movie was terrible.

onic ssault (fr) wrote: The RedNeck version of shaun of the dead.

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Keith M (jp) wrote: Something about Bill Cosby picking a fight makes me laugh.

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Morgan R (jp) wrote: Every thing you want in thriller. This movie won an Oscar for Special Effects. Excellent directing by John Sturges and cinematography by Daniel Flapp. The cast, led by Gregory Peck, had just the right amount of cold, technical professionalism and concern for their colleagues to put the story over the top. "Marooned" is equal to "Apollo 13" and that is high praise.

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Brandon W (ca) wrote: I'm honestly surprised, I had a great time watching Death Race in a B movie sort of way. I'm sure that the original is better as this is just stupid. The writing can be really terrible at times with some groans, and some unintentionally funny moments. It did kept me interested as the pace is really fast but it took some breaks to get some relive. The acting is solid from Jason Statham, Joan Allen, Ian McShane, and Tyrese Gibson. The car races are exciting to watch, and the crashes are fantastic to see. The characters are very stock like, and action is really good. It is really cool to see Jason Statham in a different kind of movie that is not like his usual films, and I'm glad that I saw it which is rare to see from a Paul W.S. Anderson film.

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Rob S (br) wrote: Seeing that this was one of the last films for both Henry Fonda and Katharine Hepburn, I was a little disappointed that this film marked the end of their acting careers. What is disappointing is not their ability in the film - they both won Oscars, rightfully so for Fonda, not so sure for Hepburn's fourth Oscar - but rather the fact that each of them had amazing movies such as 12 Angry Men for Fonda and The African Queen for Hepburn, yet they ended their careers on this simple and cheesy melodrama about aging.First, let's talk about what is done well - Henry Fonda's great performance as a senior citizen. We get all the humor we can get about an old man through Fonda's performance - he doesn't sound like himself at all, he'll make harsh jokes every now and then based on sexuality or race, he's extremely forgetful. But most of all, from a few key scenes we can clearly see that Thayer is afraid of death hitting him soon, even though this contradicts what he says throughout the movie. It is nearly heartbreaking (but also pretty cheesy) when his daughter confronts him towards the conclusion of the film about never acting as a true friend to her like he has been acting around Billy, who is Chelsea's soon-to-be stepson. It is a great moment to analyze whether their relationship has failed in the past based on gender or simply because Fonda's character was not a good father to Chelsea.Sadly, Fonda's performance along with that climactic moment about repairing his relationship with Chelsea are the only things of merit/interest for this film in my eyes. The main story is about Chelsea and her new fiance Bill leaving Bill's son, Billy, with Chelsea's parents while they take a trip. What a weird decision to leave a thirteen year old kid alone with two elderly citizens whom he just met and is not even related to. Best parenting ever. While it is a delight to see Billy become friends with Norman, their "journey" is not that exciting at all except for when Norman and Billy become stranded on a rock in the middle of the pond after an accident.To put it simply, with actors of this particular caliber, their final movie could have been a lot stronger, but instead they starred in a decent melodrama at the end of their careers, not quite reaching the greatness of movies we come to expect from Henry Fonda and Katharine Hepburn.