The Raid

The Raid

A group of confederate prisoners escape to Canada and plan to rob the banks and set fire to the small town of Saint Albans in Vermont. To get the lie of the land, their leader spends a few days in the town and finds he is getting drawn into its life and especially into that of an attractive widow and her son.

A group of Confederate prisoners escape to Canada and plan to rob the banks and set fire to the small town of Saint Albans in Vermont. To get the lie of the land, their leader spends a few ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Owen R (au) wrote: "Good feel good drama with great acting, however is a little too long and slightly predictable."

Joseph C (br) wrote: I heard this very Classic Studio movies Never made?!!

Brian S (jp) wrote: Taking inspiration from alien movies from the 80s (mostly Steven Spielberg ones), 2011s Paul has all the ingredients to be a Grade A studio picture but falls short on almost every level. Written by and starring Edgar Wright alums Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, the British duo conceive an intriguing premise-what if foreign vacationers encountered an alien on an American road trip-but can't quite follow up the fun idea with any meat to it. Pegg's previous writing credits include 2005s Shaun of the Dead and 2007s Hot Fuzz (and others) but it is apparent that heart and energy is lacking in Paul (must be Wright's contribution to those other films). Director Gregg Mottola-coming off of 2009s Adventureland-brings a nice visual flourish to the film that at some times pays a nice tribute to some famous shots from the aforementioned Spielberg pics but everything is too leisurely executed-making the 110 runtime felt. With nice CGI (Paul the alien, voiced by Seth Rogen, is done well) and some fun gags (Kristen Wiig brings a nice dynamic to things), Paul isn't a total flat tire but it doesn't quite reach the stars it sets out to.

Cassie S (it) wrote: My Uncle Reggie would have loved this flic! This is an awesome documentary even if you're not a racing fan! It captures the unique will, mental fortitude, and unwavering human spirit of the racers of the Baja 1000! I just happened to catch it on TV the other night and I will definitely be purchasing it.

Carrie G (us) wrote: It was OK. Jack Black is the funniest thing about this movie and he's every bit himself in it. It's very predictable and at times the cheese factor is so high you would swear you're a mouse. It's good to let your brain just veg for awhile sometimes and this is a perfect movie for that. Don't even think you need to be fully coherent to understand what happens but I digress...

Phil P (kr) wrote: "Oh you must mean Junior!"."This is Spider-Man" was my first reaction to seeing the new look 'Batman' in the 'Batman Beyond return Of The Joker'. Cocky and quipy isn't something I'd describe 'Batman' as usually, but with Bruce's protege 'Terry' it works. Beyond was a new take on 'Batman' so a new, different personality in the suit makes sense. But there's still some of that classic 'Batman' in there and that's what makes it works so well.The jarring personality in the suit couldn't be more different than Bruce's grounded serious outlook. it doesn't start too hot with bar bones backgrounds and some rather lacklustre villains in 'The Jokers'. It didn't seem to jive with the generally well thought-out style of the Beyond series. But it quickly (to my surprise) sets things in the right motion. Given the title it's obvious in Batman Beyond Joker's gone and though bits and pieces it reveals that he's dead so when someone 'claiming' to be the 'Joker' turns up it has 'Bruce' perplexed and scared.It's a more grown up Batman tale that falls in the line of adults and kids, there's not blood as such and it's full of bright and colourful character designs. Yet has a well thought out story, bringing in an older 'Batgirl' now commissioner and 'Robin'. As she explains the story of the Joker to 'Terry'. Which could have been bland but it's a fantastic flashback showing all the signs of classic 'Joker' with his patented psychological damage and playful acts of violence. Its strength really is the story (when it starts) making it more adult (Even if the way the Joker is brought back is a little off and easy.) without alienating it's younger audience. The background can be a little flat, the start and teh night club being two that stick out like a sore thumb but the animation quality is nice and the futuristic city makes the unique look of the new Batsuit fit - akin to a flying squirrel. Like the series simple but effective.'The Return Of Joker' does get off to a shaky start with some dull background design and 'The Jokers' are a bit boring. But when it sets the real one up it comes into its own. Bringing the old 'Gotham' of 'Bruce', Barbara, Tim and the joker as the central point of this new version and new Batman works well - utilising some fantastic flashbacks scenes showing the Joker at his most psychotic. 'Terry' being different rather than the same old serious 'Batman' makes it feel like he is a different breed but cut from a similar cloth.

Silvestre S (kr) wrote: A not-your-typical-fairy-tale type of movie Shrek succeeds to create a light atmosphere,funny humor,great characters,smart premise and plot and great satirical fairy tale jokes and references.Shrek is a great movie that leaves audiences with a great form of entertainment

dm S (mx) wrote: Disturbing tale of Copenhagen's underdogs. Two-lined psychologial drama in the vein of Scorsese's Taxi Driver. On the one side of the coin it's the absorption of a violent young man, who cannot cope with his violence-images and his loser side and failes brutally. On the other side of the coin it's a bittersweet wannabe love story of a film buff and a waitress trying to get close to each other. And at the beginning, when Mikkelsen lists the name of film directors, QT would say: "My man!"

Jenna I (es) wrote: Cute and well done tribute. I think this sort of set the formula for modern biopics...

Jamie J (kr) wrote: Did a good job of slowly ratcheting up the tension using the general uncomfortableness of its main protagonist in this situation. I found the ending to be a little predictable for the most part, but all in all I say the positives definitely out weigh the negatives. Definitely recommend this one.

Jay B (it) wrote: Holds up remarkably well.