The Raw Natural

The Raw Natural

The Raw Natural documentary explores professional athletes reaching peak performance and untapped potential through raw food nutrition. The film highlights, Evan Strong, who regains his competitive edge in sports through raw food nutrition after a tragic accident that causes him to lose a leg and end his professional career in skateboarding. Evan's accident becomes the impetus for his change in diet to simple, healthy raw food nutrition. Evan is now the world champion in adaptive Snowboarding (Ranked # 1 at the XGames, World Cup, Nationals, etc) See how raw food nutrition has led to incredible new triumphs in the athletic careers of professional athletes in surfing, MMA fighting, tennis, baseball, snowboarding and more... This film also features renowned raw food chefs and leading health and nutrition experts, as well as top athletes and professional players who are also experiencing the benefits from raw food nutrition. What would you do to stay in the game?

The Raw Natural documentary explores professional athletes reaching peak performance and untapped potential through raw food nutrition. The film highlights, Evan Strong, who regains his ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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