The Real Blonde

The Real Blonde

An aspiring actor (Matthew Modine) and his girlfriend (Catherine Keener) handle life's frustrations, while his friend seeks fulfillment with a blonde (Daryl Hannah).

Joe and Mary have been living together in Manhattan for six years. Joe is an actor, who has no agent and no thesping credits, but whose ambitions are very high. He works as a waiter at a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Real Blonde torrent reviews

Frank Charlie G (br) wrote: dropdead girls.. wehehe!

sitenoise (ca) wrote: One of my favorite actresses gets naked and has lots of sex with a 19 year old boy. What's not to like? Well ... maybe the ending but who's counting?

Justin B (es) wrote: Arguably the best of the franchise. It's still a sloppy mess; and an unabashed ripoff of many other far better films, but this one at least delivers guilty genre entertainment.

Jamie T (ag) wrote: It's a horror. What can anyone expect but something that's been done time and time again? The acting was good and it kept my interest, so purpose served.

Hina A (ca) wrote: not as good as I'd hoped, your typical rom com

MF J (ca) wrote: Interesting story based on real life events, this film benefits from two leads Banderas & Thompson both good as usual. Too bad the film feels so cheap and unconvincing.

Brad S (mx) wrote: Cheesy fun. I hadn't seen this in a while, used to watch it all the time as a kid. The Blu-ray image looks outstanding. This one is from Horror Master Wes Craven, but has a real sense of humour and is done in a comic book style. Don't take it too seriously and the movie is a lot of fun!

Paul D (ca) wrote: This is not what I would call a great comedy...although it has it's occasional moment or two. By the end it just gets downright ridiculous and loses any real comedic presence it had going for it. I remember it from my childhood which is probably the only reason I was as generous as I was with the rating. Watch at your own risk. It's a special kind of bad.

Mace G (kr) wrote: A must see. Subtle. Is there a sub text? Is there no subtext? Doesn't matter, the film is thought provoking.

Don S (it) wrote: Ridiculously titled movie which, unfortunately, does not rise above that level. Lugosi is much the same in all of his roles. The other actors are decent, but the concept is absurd and underdeveloped. From identical brothers that no one knew about to characters returning to life only to die again moments later, there is no internal logic. Couldn't get into it.

Rebekah L (au) wrote: This movie has something for everyone!. It has Drama,Action & a love story. This is the kind of movie you will want to add to your collection! And a movie that you will want to see it over and over againg!

Stephen I (ru) wrote: While its plot indeed held promise, The Forger lacks the thrills its premise held, instead going with slow pacing and laughably bad dialogue.Full Review: Every once in a while, we get a movie so bland, boring, and forgettable it feels like one of the least productive ways to kill an hour and a half. The Forger does just this, with an uninspired script and lazy production that's probably a result of nobody really caring. The romance subplot is typical and predictable. The movie tries often to add flare to its boring continuity by throwing in a few engaging elements, but ultimately doing nothing with them. Ultimately, the movie is just a predictable, typical, and forgettable experience you won't miss one bit.

Gina W (nl) wrote: Ethan Hawke does an incredible job in this movie. I had not heard of Chet Baker, the famous trumpeter from the 60's who is credited with the beginning of West Coast swing. He battles his heroin addiction hoping for a comeback. Would recommend.