The Real Glory

The Real Glory

In the wake of the Spanish-American war, military doctor Bill Canavan (Cooper) arrives at a war-torn Filipino outpost. Infested with cholera and under attack from a vicious local Moro chieftain, the troops are terrified and their commanding officer has all but given up hope. Outnumbered and out of supplies, Canavan decides to trade his scalpel for a rifle and rally the few remaining troops into one last stand before the outpost and everyone inside becomes just another footnote in history.

A small American contingent tries to train rural tribesmen to defend themselves against fanatical Muslim radicals in 1906 Philippines. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Leonard Z (es) wrote: There was just one little thing at the end of the movie that made me go 'WHAT?!?!?!'

Dr F P (ag) wrote: We all knew it was going to bad, but how bad? The best part is definitely the end where the snake eats the whole train. The FX are so bad it's just plain hilarious. Unfortunately there isn't that much here to laugh at because for some reason the people that make these movies never bother placing their tongues firmly against their cheeks. The whole cast are pretty creepy, i'm not sure why anybody here would enjoy the nudity, i mean what's so hot about some creepy ex-cop molesting a squirming uncomfortable woman with her bra off? Am i just weird or something? I mean, that looked like rape foreplay to me. O__O Anyway. Snakes on a Train, you know it's gonna be crap so just go with it.

Will D (br) wrote: Lots of badass cops blowing badasses away. The whole thing is very badass.

Cathryn D (au) wrote: Oh yah, I remember this movie, very enjoyable!

Hardy H (ru) wrote: While a little slow, this is actually better than the recent chinese historic epics ...(Battle of the Warriors, and the red cliff). It is not so much of an action epic as it is a period drama driven by characters, so that might disappoint some. But the film has a more clear direction than the other works, and the characters are more interesting than the previous mentioned films...None the less if you havn't seen Hero, please see that first before you come to this.

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