The Real World You Never Saw: Las Vegas

The Real World You Never Saw: Las Vegas


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The Real World You Never Saw: Las Vegas torrent reviews

Margaret C (nl) wrote: This is a beautifully made movie, as usually expected from the director, Hayao Miyazaki. It talks about a real human struggling not to lose his dream and his love against all the political demands from the government & society. Just as the theme line said, "The wind is rising...we must attempt to live".

Stuart K (fr) wrote: Written and directed by Paul Greengrass (The Bourne Supremacy (2004), The Bourne Ultimatum (2007) and Captain Phillips (2013), this real-life drama was originally made by Granada Television as a TV film for ITV, however after premiering at Sundance, it was given a cinema release. It's a powerful and unnerving real-life drama, with a lot of realistic action and the depiction of an absolute massacre. Sunday, January 30th 1972, and Northern Ireland MP Ivan Cooper (James Nesbitt) has organised a Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association march through Derry, it should have gone off without a hitch. However such marches in Northern Ireland were banned by the British government. But Cooper and about 15,000 marchers carry on regardless. However, British Army paratroopers led by Colonel Derek Wilford (Simon Mann) and Major General Ford (Tim Pigott-Smith), ended up opening fire on the marchers with live ammunition, whether it was a misunderstanding or provoked by the marchers is debatable, but at the end of the day, 13 demonstrators died. Based upon Don Mullan's book Eyewitness Bloody Sunday, which caused the British government to look again at what happened, it's a powerful and upsetting drama, depicting the atrocities of that day in a realistic fashion. It was this hard hitting style of film making that led to Greengrass going off to Hollywood.

Bruce s (nl) wrote: i had troble getting into this film and may hae given up 1/2 way in to it sorry

Meagan M (es) wrote: If the first one wasn't bad enough...this one proved the be an even bigger joke.

Gordon T (gb) wrote: Gilda Radner is TOTALLY IN LOVE with GENE WILDER . . . (I just finished reading BUNNY BUNNY by Alan Zweibel and ITS ALWAYS SOMETHING by Gilda Radner and both books made my eyes well-up with tears). The doctors in California said The Cancer had Gone Away, yet when Gilda had gone back to Connecticut it turned out the oncologists in California misread the computers, so very, very, horribly sad. I'm still devastated . . . (well, Gilda's sister had cancer, her aunt died of cancer, her grand-mother died of cancer, her father died of brain cancer and Gilda worried a lot as evidenced in her autobiography . . ."WORRY" and "STRESS" makes the body acidic and the acidity CAUSES the "chemical-environment" conducive to stimulating cancerous growth of cells.) from wikipedia: Gene Wilder had this to say about her death: She went in for the scan - but the people there could not keep her on the gurney. She was raving like a crazed woman - she knew they would give her morphine and was afraid she'd never regain consciousness. She kept getting off the cart as they were wheeling her out. Finally three people were holding her gently and saying, "Come on Gilda. We're just going to go down and come back up." She kept saying, "Get me out, get me out!" She'd look at me and beg me, "Help me out of here. I've got to get out of here." And I'd tell her, "You're okay honey. I know. I know." They sedated her, and when she came back, she remained unconscious for three days. I stayed at her side late into the night, sometimes sleeping over. Finally a doctor told me to go home and get some sleep. At 4 am on Saturday, I heard a pounding on my door. It was an old friend, a surgeon, who told me, "Come on. It's time to go." When I got there, a night nurse, whom I still want to thank, had washed Gilda and taken out all the tubes. She put a pretty yellow barrette in her hair. She looked like an angel. So peaceful. She was still alive, and as she lay there, I kissed her. But then her breathing became irregular, and there were long gaps and little gasps. Two hours after I arrived, Gilda was gone. While she was conscious, I never said goodbye. so, Gilda KNEW she would die if "they" gave her morphine, yet "they" gave her the morphine anyway and she died. I feel Gilda would have beaten the cancer if "they" "let" her live . . . it would have been a long life-struggle, but Gilda had a good ten or fifteen years left. So its tragic reading the "Gene Wilder Account" of Gilda's final hours above. People need to listen to patients more. -- Gene Wilder is a comedy-actor (as Gilda Radner wrote), not a comedian, and not a film director. Haunted Honeymoon reminds me of a comedy-version of THE CAT AND THE CANARY where family members try to freak each other out in order to get some more inheritance-money. The Lighting is very bad (in the sense that there are no atmospheric shadows); the cinematography is very "staid" and ordinary; the music is over-blown. and when we "see" actor Paul L. Smith's thoughts super-imposed on his head, we (the viewer) only sees one thought . . . very, very, very dry comedy-film. Its no fault of Gene Wilder, its just that Gene Wilder is not a director, just like I am not a neurosurgeon. (the talent is mis-matched). BUT GILDA is SOOOOOOO IN-LOVE with GENE . . . for this HAUNTED HONEYMOON receives a 90% because it captures GILDA'S feelings for Gene 100%; and I love it for that.

joey b (nl) wrote: Not as good as Westworld but still an enjoyable vacation to the theme park from hell - Peter Fonda & Blythe Danner are in this as reporters trying to find out what is the real story behind Dalos and there themepark - There is a bit of action towards the end that has clones running around trying to kill certain people who star in the film and the ending with Peter Fonda giving a rude salute is funny stuff and it also has a touching scene between a man and his android sad...not really, it is a funny scene. I enjoyed this film and seeing Yul Brenner again as the gunslinger was cool even if it was in a dream...take the ride you'll like it.

Gerard M (de) wrote: Handsome black and white photography, nice effect work and compelling story. Ideal Friday night watch.

Tim W (es) wrote: What in the world did I just watch? This was THE worst movie I've watched, period. I usually could find some reason to finish up a movie no matter how bad the scripts or acting. I couldn't continue on with this atrocity. I HAD to stop as I was getting pissed off watching this thing claiming to be a movie.Acting, bad. Editing, bad. Casts, horrible. Not even a scantly clad, fake boobed blonde to offer a slither of reason to keep watching. Script, WHAT SCRIPT? "Whose line is it anyway" has better script than this thing.I'm wondering if some rich high school kid asked his dad to give him some money to make a movie out of boredom, then hired his buddies to produce and direct it with him. Even then I would think it would be a better movie than this crap.