The Rebel

The Rebel

The disabled ex-soldier Andreas Pum lost a leg for emperor and father land. After leaving the army he receives a license and a drehorgel. One day he gets into a controversy with a welldressed gentleman, disturbs the public order, and hits a policeman. Andreas Pum goes to jail, loses his license and becomes toilet guard in the Cafe Halali after his release. Only at the moment of death he recognizes that he was always too decent and too obedient.

Enza, 16, a drop out, is arrested with her older sister, Rosaria, for shoplifting. They're sent to a reformatory run by hard-nosed nuns. The girls tease Enza because she's a virgin. So, on ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rasika M (br) wrote: Loved It, Superb adaptation of the book '3 mistakes of my life', superlike all the actors. It is available on netflix instant watch.

Marc (au) wrote: Couldn't help but chuckle at that poster X) Regarding the pretty bad score, the story still interests me, I'd be curious to se just how far these characters would go just to meet Morbius.

Lesley N (de) wrote: Not released until 2009, this is the documentary of 1974 music festival run in conjunction with the Rumble In The Jungle in Zaire. There's a surprisingly small amount of actual performances (though you get a few extra in Special Features on the DVD), but in return you get a whole load of background scenes of the time and the place , a bunch of late great musicians hanging out and partying, James Brown at his feverish gyrating best and a very cute, very young Sister Sledge. Magic.

Ross M (ag) wrote: Not his best by a long shot, but still has some decent, if underdeveloped, ideas bouncing around. Romero also lets himself have a little more light-hearted fun with what is normally a fairly dark series. Mostly recommended for Romero completionists.

Rubis L (ru) wrote: The hyenas had lovely little butts.

Ann L (us) wrote: ANGELS AND INSECTS A sophisticated drama set in Victorian England at a time when Darwin's theory of evolution by natural selection first became a hot button topic among the people. The story explores how and to what extent these cutting edge scientific ideas were of interest and concern to the upper echelons of society by taking a close look at the lives of one exceedingly wealthy family. On the surface they seem quite open-minded to the notion of social evolution, but then again perhaps not. It is for the eldest son and heir to the vast family fortune to take matters into his own hands when he realizes that their privileged lifestyle is up for grabs by his new brother-in-law, a low-life intellectual of no monetary means nor social standing of his own to speak of, who is at the forefront touting the merits of these questionable notions. Credible acting.

Jay M (kr) wrote: The bad guy is in the line of offense; the good guy is in the line of defense: in this film.The film kicks off by establishing the lead character... Frank Horrigan... played by (Clint Eastwood) as an older secret service agent that works in: the counterfeiting department. This will all change when he is ordered to investigate a perceived threat against the president that was reported to the police by a landlord. Arriving at the scene (without a warrant) he enters the apartment to find pictures posted on the wall of J-F-K; with a magazine that has a bull's eye drawn around the current president's head. When he returns home: he receives a mysterious phone call, & soon learns, that his being, at that specific place, was not by chance, but rather by a carefully constructed plan, by an unknown person that has identified himself: by the name of Booth... played by (John Malkovich). He has done his research on Frank... (& he will use his knowledge of him to get in his head... as the film progresses; much to Frank's aggravation) & is fascinated by Frank's history of being the lead secret service agent to J-F-K & The sufferings that he endured after the assassination; Booth makes his intention to him to assassinate the president & then disappears without a trace.At the office in the treasury house: Frank meets up with his old friend & current director of the secret service; along with him is the head secret service agent that protects the president & a female agent Lilly Raines... played by... (Rene Russo)... The get go with Lilly gets off to a rocky start & Frank is perceived as having questionable social skills with out of date lingo (their relationship will become friendlier & turn into love as the film progresses). Frank informs the others that Booth is dangerous: means to execute exactly what he says... Though they have no idea who he is Frank knows for certain that he will call again to taunt him. He is exactly right on the matter; it continues up until the climax when the final showdown takes place.The film combines all elements, of a suspense drama, that incorporates love, lose, & action, into one. The digital technology was all topnotch as was the directing & editing; & cast members all gave an amazing performance. This film will entertain many viewers.~I give this mystery & suspense, action & adventure film an A.

Alexandra D (it) wrote: goeie film op hun eigen manier

Dragan M (au) wrote: Potpuno modernizovana verzija koja ipak ne deluje tako nakaradno kao asfaltni Roomeo i Julija...

Steve W (us) wrote: There's a moment when I realized that Bad Boys II is not so much as a film, as more of a pastiche. It almost delves into parody, maybe during the second car chase when dead bodies are thrown at our heroes. The movie bloated, loud, and probably shown to the masses in North Korea to show American excess. It has very little entertainment value, and it goes to show the difference between a 23 million dollar budget and a 130 million dollar budget, and how it can completely and utterly wasted.

Kristi R (br) wrote: I know this movie is not gonna do the book justice but I'll watch it :)

Angelo Dean B (fr) wrote: 2 Stars. Dull, predictable and very poorly written.Missing all the links to be a good film

Jovon T (jp) wrote: Funny and Entertaining.