The Rebel, Louise Michel

The Rebel, Louise Michel


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The Rebel, Louise Michel torrent reviews

Lee M (au) wrote: Costa-Gavras too often shortchanges the story's inherent drama for talky and strident speechifying. The result is an odd mix of compelling heavy-handedness.

Tracey H (it) wrote: seen it.. good movie

Tyler J (jp) wrote: I didn't really like this movie Sorry Wes Craven NO COOKIE FOR YOU TODAY!

Mo G (fr) wrote: yr arcytipal generic thriller. But in a good way?

Saku N (it) wrote: Yeah, only because it had Sandra Bulllock in it....this movie is pretty terrible. I mean...the boy learns his mother his killed and not a single tear throughout the whole entire movie...the only one showing any emotion in the damn thing was Pretty bad....

Ted R (nl) wrote: Delightfully offbeat and original, this 80's comedy about mistaken identity pushes all the right buttons bringing in mind Shakespeare and Plautus....Marvelous performances!-even from pop star Madonna...Give it a chance to win you over..

Ross L (jp) wrote: I can only give a partial review since I only watched 2/3rds of this long ass movie. First off I loved the music. Go Alan Price. Secondly I enjoyed the surreal (overused word... sorry) feeling. We need more movies nowadays that are just weird like this. And lastly I enjoyed the absence of a fluent plot. It was just a story of an ambitious guy trying to make it from scene to scene. A young McDowell is always great. As for bad... it's a long ass movie! 2008 Movies: 125

Sally S (au) wrote: LOVED IT on Netflix!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tomas G (ag) wrote: The beginning of the movie was a bit of a drag, but the encounters on Skull Island made up for that. The skyscraper scene dragged on a bit too long as well, but was still very emotional. Kong looked and acted exceptional and the bond between him and Ann was executed nicely. Overall a good watch.