The Rebellion of Red Maria

The Rebellion of Red Maria

In a city - with heavy metal music haunting the heroes and the voice of Maria Callas being heard, an aged man, ex-terrorist, who dresses like a woman, the "red Maria", lives without any law and is hiding in the social shadows as a prostitute and performer, dancing in the streets, old and out-dated dances, for the passersby who give him money. In the street he meets a young boy, who lives there as a street urchin, at deaths door after a neo-fascists attack. The boy, alcohol addicted, hears the voice of Maria Callas, speaks with the dead diva, with the mother he misses. In overdose he dreams of the perfect world. "Red Maria" saves the boy and teaches him the "job". In order to survive they invade cafes, giving performances that talk for a new, political God, for the political mistake of God, for the end of the ideology

In a city - with heavy metal music haunting the heroes and the voice of Maria Callas being heard, an aged man, ex-terrorist, who dresses like a woman, the "red Maria", lives without any law... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andrew H (ca) wrote: Big O'l stinky turd of a movie.

James H (us) wrote: This was advertised as a fun movie where a teen gets special powers and shares it with his friends but it starts to become an overly dark and 'edgy' film where you start to hate everyone in the film. If you liked them, they probably died in the film. And then the movie loses ratings because of how it was promoted too.On top of that, these kids are not original in what they do with their powers. BEER PONG?! Seriously?! I guess that's the best the writers could come up with.

Ioannis S (ru) wrote: Well, it didn't do it for me. I love "Sister Act" Whoopi. But in this? No, no, no and no. It's a cool, easy, Christmas film but the only thing that seemed funny was the white dreadlocks on her when she became Santa! And this is definitely not ok!

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Dino Y (kr) wrote: i wanna watch this again!!!

Jonny P (gb) wrote: "Street Smart" provides insight into the world of pimps and prostitutes; unfortunately, I didn't really want this much insight into prostitution. I must laud Morgan Freeman for his Oscar-nominated role, as his bi-polarity between friendliness and cruelty was unnerving. He was great, though I prefer his roles in Driving Miss Daisy, Shawshank, Batman, or just about any other film over this one. Christopher Reeve was just okay while Kathy Baker stole the show as the prostitute Punchy, particularly during the chiling threat scene ("which eye?") with Freeman. While the concept of a fictional article that resembles real-life events was interesting, the thought to use the concept on a story about a pimp was a mistake.

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Matt H (it) wrote: This one didn't really do it for me, just didn't find it very funny. It felt like there were very few gags put into the movie.

Wailun L (ag) wrote: A surprisingly suspenseful ending, not too shabby

Erick F (ru) wrote: Great Christmas movie. I can't believe it took me this long to watch it. I loved everything about this movie and can't wait to watch it every Christmas. Awesome awesome stuff. Great Concept, Great Execution.