The Recruit

The Recruit

A brilliant CIA trainee must prove his worth at the Farm, the agency's secret training grounds, where he learns to watch his back and trust no one.

James Clayton is not a typical officer . As Burke teaches him game rule; as a result, James quickly rises. But James is assigned a special case to answer his question about his role . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matthew B (au) wrote: Best fight of the three though not as good a film as the 1st.

w k (es) wrote: This movie is full of twists and turns. It is shot in flashbacks but in such a way you forget the events have already happened.

John W (fr) wrote: If I have learned anything about the late 60's is that people have sex with everyone. Weather Don Draper or George in this movie is that everyone screws everyone. Now the reason that I watched this is because it's in the top 25 of the bravo funniest movies. Now if I went into this with the mind set that's it's a drama with a couple funny parts then it might have been a 4 star movie. This is a good movie for seeing huge actors when they were young. But it falls short when it comes to being a comedy.

Mike L (nl) wrote: While Michelle Cary is as cute as ever this is Elvis's attempt at the free-love/psychedelic phase of America and it fails for the most part. The beginning, with Cary, works in a trippy sort of way with her various names and a great dane named Albert. Where the movie falls apart is when they have a music scene, there are 3 and they feel completely forced and unnatural, especially the dream sequence. In the end we never really understand Cary's character and if her goal is to trap the Elvis character then he is a fool for falling for it. A frustrating movie that falls into the Elvis movie formula with having music scenes when it does not need to.

Michelle T (ca) wrote: I have always loved this movie! Carol Channing is hilarious and Julie Andrews is phenomenal! And I love the outfits! Mary Tyler Moore leaves much to be desired, for me. She just seems so ditzy in this movie.

Miguel A (jp) wrote: inevitvel alguma lamechice, quando uma histria de boy meets girl e o drama psiquitrico se cruzam no mesmo filme. "David and Lisa", mesmo com essas caractersticas, evita ser um tearjerker comum, muito custa de uma excelente dinmica entre personagens e de um ncleo de actores que contorna o exagero mesmo quando tudo chama por ele (o psiclogo sensato Howard da Silva um brilhante exemplo de conteno e tacto). A essas qualidades juntam-se uma excelente banda-sonora, dois ou trs momentos em nome do sublime, e aqui temos um indie precoce que no ter sido ignorado por quem mais tarde fez "Voando Sobre Um Ninho de Cucos", "Ordinary People" ou "Good Will Hunting".

Irene S (ag) wrote: a cute romantic comedy about a young writer who falls in love with his barista and goes as far as memorizing her facebook page so she loves in love with him.

Rainer K (au) wrote: American Pie gets a slight back-to-the-roots treatment with its latest direct-to-DVD spinoff.The Book of Love takes place in East Great Falls again and returns from the collegiate level back to high school. It's also the first film since American Wedding to not focus on a Stifler (although it certainly has a Stifler in it).You get the feeling they put a bit more effort into this one than in the previous two, unfortunately, it's still crap.If you've seen this film you gotta ask yourself what made the difference between the earlier films and the Book of Love. Not an easy question but it probably has to do with the total loss of substance and dignity aside from horrible acting, writing and every other aspect of filmmaking.Even Eugene Levy's Noah Levenstein is now ruined due to a lack of continuity (is he carpet salesman or a lawyer, when he graduated high school in 1970 how did he invent the Naked Mile in the 1960s and was also member of Beta House back then). The only glimpse of American Pie's former glory that stayed solid as a rock throughout the series was torn down by a lack of serious filmmaking (skills).I have enough from American Pie for a while now - looking still forward to Reunion though but I hope I'll never have to see these stupid spin-offs ever again.

Eric L (fr) wrote: These Amazing Shadows is a tantalizing title. Just the provocation of thought it initiates is worthy of praise. I readily grasped the concept that films are sort of shadows of the past, but it never had occurred to me that movies literally are shadows. The documentary is an introduction to the Library of Congress's initiative to salvage and preserve films that a board of directors deems worthy of induction into the National Film Registry.It's easy to dismiss this film as just another list production, like the stuff you find and watch on TV when nothing else is on. At times it feels like that sort of show just by its nature, but even though it looks like a bunch of people rattling off anecdotes to clips of popular and nostalgic films, it does run deeper than that. First of all, the clips (like it or not) are evocative. There is some powerful stuff that plays on our connections to the film's portrayed, the films we grew up on. Secondly there is the bigger story of the National Film Registry and why it exists.It all started with the debate over the preservation of film as artwork when black and whites became colorized, which met with controversy. Film came to be identified as an art form, but also a crucial medium, a uniting force and a neglected diminishing archive of American history. So, the National Film Registry was Born and dedicated to the preservation of film, specifically those that have historical, cultural or aesthetic significance. The mission is interesting, but what happens when the highlight reel element meets the testimonies of board members and film makers is an examination of history led by the presence and awareness of all kinds of films that really shaped human thought and created history, as much as reflected it.t's not a flashy movie, or the in-your-face science and logic defying "documentary" that has become so prevalent. It doesn't dare you to watch or entice you with anything really, besides a slight manipulation near the end where it goes into the destructive power of film and if "bad" films should be protected. This documentary is made for those who are interested in the place of film in American history. If you are, then These Amazing Shadows is worth watching. If you aren't, you really should be.

Anne F (us) wrote: This is a film which had a very great effect upon me when I first saw it many years ago. This true story made me realise that capital punishment is wrong, so wrong. John Hurt and Richard Attenborough played their parts brilliantly, and I particularly liked that the man wrongly convicted of his wife's murder wasn't portrayed as a saint.