The Red Head

The Red Head

Adapted from various stories by Jules Renard, Poil de Carotte (The Red Head) is the poetically related tale of a delicate domestic situation. Robert Lynen plays the young son of Catherine Fourtenay. Fourtenay's husband Harry Baur knows that Lynen is not his son, but remains married for appearances' sake. Baur remains aloof and distant until he discovers the cruelties heaped upon Lynen by his resentful mother. Foster father and son develop a respect and friendship for one another that finally deepens into love. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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The N (de) wrote: me encant la historia del erizo

Nicki M (nl) wrote: This one came up on Netflix as a rom com. Definitely more of a drama, though there were some amusing characters and situations (notably, Angela and her temper). It deals with four married couples and their issues as they gather at a retreat for a holiday. I did struggle to keep straight who was who at times, particularly with the men. It has a long run time of two hours, so it says a lot that it doesn't wear out its welcome. The most sympathetic character was Sheila . I really felt sorry for her and loathed her husband. What a pig! As others have commented, the religious undertones do get a bit much. Particularly right at the end, but I could live with it. I was just relieved they didn't have Diane popping out an unwanted second child to keep her husband happy. That does seem the norm in this genre, so I was waiting for it. Half a star added for a bit of thinking outside of the usual! Good strong female characters and beautiful scenery with the snow.

Johanna L (us) wrote: I enjoy this movie everytime I watch it. The legends that are told in it, really capture your attention. This has depth and it is worth watching.Who will keep our dreams?

Tecia E (ca) wrote: Never watched Winnie the Pooh and have no intention of starting now.

Paul F (kr) wrote: Not bad, had some funny parts and was a somewhat entertaining movie.

Spencer S (fr) wrote: One of the best political satires to deal with the extremely volatile subject of abortion, first time director Alexander Payne gave a powerhouse first film to his repertoire with this bitterly acid black comedy. What I think everyone appreciates is that both sides of this debate are shown in equally unpleasant terms, but not exactly unrealistic ones. The conservative branch are a set of violent and mean spirited protesters, but they also have women who regret their own abortions, and people who sincerely try to help the less fortunate. The liberal side is characterized as a set of lesbian leaning protestors and a freedom fighting mercenary who care about the right to choose. In the middle of this blood sport for the sake of creation is the character of Ruth (Dern), who doesn't care about the politics that make her center stage in a tumultuous feud. Instead of caring about the sanctity of human life, or about the freedom to choose, she cares about what is best for her. She makes the film enjoyable because she cares about very little except getting a lot of money and getting high behind a convenience store. It's really interesting how each side is fighting for her rights in their own way, trying to give her the freedom to choose and yet both leaning towards a different end-game, and yet she only wants to know what's best for herself. It's this selfish attitude that makes for the best moments, especially because there isn't any morale and certainly not any lessons learned from her experiences. Ruth is continually given the chance to do right, but every time she enables her formal bad behavior so she can get away clean. This film illustrates that human choice precedes morals, intellectual discussion, and politics, and that human choice is subjective based on who the person is. I think this film is good for anyone, on either side of the political spectrum, not for educational purposes, but because it works as a great character study as well as satire for its own sake.

Josephine F (ca) wrote: Weird, but cute, I suppose...

Lawrence L (de) wrote: One of my favorite films ever. Saw it first as a child, truly appreciate it now. Such a wonderfully realized surreal world set in such sad times, I just love it.

Donna M (es) wrote: Some of the best acting and most important message you will see on film.

Jeffrey J (nl) wrote: If you liked Reservoir Dogs, see the inspiration.

Steven M (gb) wrote: A strangely intoxicating and unsettling piece of cinema art with some startlingly original techniques for 1930.

Turtleboy G (fr) wrote: Very fun and exciting movie. It is one of the only new comedies that I actually enjoyed. It had a story, it had the action, the comedy, it had everything for a good comedy. I found myself laughing a lot, and even found myself intrigued. Nice and fresh new comedy. Definitely better than his Mall Cop 2 movie.

Josh T (ag) wrote: Liked the story line but the visual effects are lacking.