The Reeds

The Reeds

A weekend boating party turns into a nightmare for a group of young Londoners when they stumble upon a terrifying secret hidden in the reeds.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:86 minutes
  • Release:2010
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:boat,   fire,   cabin,  

A weekend boating party turns into a nightmare for a group of young Londoners when they stumble upon a terrifying secret hidden in the reeds. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Davi M (ag) wrote: The little girl in this omg...

Srini R (es) wrote: Terrific movie on the lines of Imitaz Ali's "Jab We Met" and "Love Aak Kal" but a better movie than LAKAli is mining the same story/theme but does it extremely well with sharply delineated characters and crackling dialogue The recent "Wake Up Sid" is in the same vein

Phil H (it) wrote: One of those films that kinda sits in the 'Army of Darkness' camp in terms of black humour and completely bizarre wacky imagination. Very much your typical cheap fantasy dream sequence type of movie really, its just surreal with big barren empty locations and lots of minimal sets. An easy way to create a world on a shoe string budget.The plot is loose and pretty muddled really. Kristy Swanson is kidnapped by 'Hell Cop' and taken to...errrr hell to be the Devil's bride for some reason, guess she makes him horny eh...oh geez. Hell of course means miles and miles of dead desert because its cheap to film.Its up to her boyfriend to rescue her, is that a surprise?. Along the way to hell he meets other famous dead folk including Ben and Jerry Stiller in very early film performances (Ben's first). These two cameos kinda took me out of the film as they don't really fit in if you ask me.Its a wild hallucinatory ride that doesn't make much sense and looks a bit tacky to be honest. The main deal with this film is the visuals and hands on makeup/prosthetic effects created by Steve Johnson. This is what makes the film better than other low budget horror's because of Johnson's brilliant makeup wizardry and freaky imagination with his monsters.The 'Hell Cop' looks totally badass with his burned scared head. There are pentagram's and various satanic text branded into the flesh of his head like graffiti oh and his shades are nailed to his face. His car kicks ass too in a nice 'Mad Max' kinda way, a real juicy modified rust bucket. Pat Bergin as the Devil looks quite good also, not as ultra cool as 'Hell Cop' but some nice work all the same. There are a few other great examples of Johnson's skills with a decrepit zombie cop and full body demon version of 'Rachel'.Nice bit of stop motion animation thrown in too with a three headed hell hound. Bit crappy looking but still better than CGI as its real which gives it a bit of character.You'd think it was an 80's comedy horror to see it, it has all the typical features of the great era. I think its along the same lines as 'Repo Man'...a totally ridiculous off the wall plot with some great artistic visuals, the perfect B-movie. Full on cult if ever I saw it and worth seeing for Johnson's work, heck its practically the Steve Johnson show of undead circus creatures.

Abhinav G (de) wrote: aamir khan at its best. great script and screenplay

Imtiar S (fr) wrote: I saw it many days ago, as I remmembered. It's really nice film on the post civil war situation of Spain. Please, see it if possible, though it is a black-white film. Gregory Peck, Anthony Quinn, Omar Sharif all are unique in this film.

Clare W (us) wrote: The greatest Hollywood shagger takes on the greatest legendary shagger and does so with mirth and tongue in cheek (not always his own). Viveca Lindfors was also a decent match for Flynn as the queen. Robert Douglas suitably smarmy and evil. Also note the censor-enraging tights.

Iram20 C (kr) wrote: I'm in love with this movie, included the failures, and the fact that it's tiny depressin'

Victor T (kr) wrote: It seems like "Tree of Life" changed Malick's career as before he was a man interested in the meaning of the short human life juxtaposed with the beauty and mystery of Mother Nature, but now he's focused on human emotion with autobiographical elements but throwing the written process out the window. Considering that, it's no wonder why his latest films manage to get polarizing responses from both critics and audiences and "Knight of Cups" is no exception. Was this three years in the making experiment worth it? Is this highlight in Malick's career or a flop?Terrence Malick is a director which I'm of two minds about, as I considering him a fascinating director to watch and I hold him as the maker of the most beautiful looking films I have ever seen, but I also struggle with his experimental storytelling as at times it works for me (I love "The Thin Red Line" and "Days of Heaven") but at others I hate it ("The New World" and "To the Wonder"). So considering his later career, I watched this film with mixed feelings but I have to admit that his sixth film managed to surprise me. It goes without saying that "Knight of Cups" is an experimental film that will alienate almost all audiences but I actually enjoy watching this experiment unfold. Sure, there is absolutely no story whatsoever, at times the voiceover comes off as pretentious, the camerawork feels improvised and rushed (which is shocking from Malick), it's entire cast is wasted in thankless roles and it overstays its welcome; but it is also incredibly fascinating, the voiceover comes up as poetry, the visuals are as gorgeously mesmerizing as expected from Malick (Chivo continues to prove he is the best cinematographer working today), it presents many relatable ideas about human relationships, the acting is so good that most actors sell their respective scene (even if most of them last only 2 minutes at best), and Malick's direction feels comfortable (he seems to have find a stable ground in between the artsy "Tree of Life" and the improvised "To the Wonder"). But the biggest decision within this film is that finally Malick decided to throw story out the window, as he has been constantly hampered with it so I admire/respect this decision (if you care about visuals then just write a solid backbone for them, go all the way not halfway through). It needs to be said that this doesn't come off as a pretentious film as it comes from a man who knows what he is doing and it doesn't try to be something it isn't, it is specifically design to be an emotional journey, not a "deep" story. "Knight of Cups" is the most experimental Malick film to date, as he finally throws story out of his vision and gives us an experience that can only be described as a visual poem. It is not for everyone but it offers a unique experience to the small amount of people who will get through it and it is far superior than "To the Wonder".