The Return of a Man Called Horse

The Return of a Man Called Horse

Lord John Morgan has returned to civilized life in England, but finds he has nothing but disdain for that life. Yearning to embrace the simplicity of the American West-and the Yellow Hands Sioux tribe he left behind, Morgan returns to the tribe's land only to discover that they've been decimated by ruthless, government-backed fur traders. They must regain their land, led by Horse.

The English gentleman known as Horse, returns to the American west to save his adopted Indian tribe from extinction. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Donna L (it) wrote: what the hell was that? I loved the first one and laughed a lot, but this one really failed.

Reece C (ru) wrote: what a movie just brilliant and some of Daniel day lewis best acting (he is always brilliant anyway).

Jim G (nl) wrote: What you'll notice about this little film is the script is up to the task of its complicated subject. Available On Netflix.

Charles P (ca) wrote: Full of corny conversations, annoying slapstick, and flat gags.

Clara V (de) wrote: This movie was so stupid. My boyfriend got me to watch it thinking it was similar to virgins suicide. I was so disappointed. It was just so crappy. The only funny part was her family.

Stuart K (es) wrote: Written and directed by Blake Edwards, who had faced studio interference with A Fine Mess (1986) and had problems with Hollywood unions on That's Life! (1986), but he suddently had a small hit with Blind Date (1987), which he found a new star in Bruce Willis who was about to hit it big, so Edwards struck while the iron was hot with this one. While it is a love letter to Hollywood of the 1920's, it's very hit and miss. In 1929, Hollywood is in a transition with moving from silent films to talkies. Studio head Alfie Alperin (Malcolm McDowell) is about to start production on a great western about the life of Wyatt Earp, with cowboy star Tom Mix (Willis) up for the role of Earp. To help with the production, the real Wyatt Earp (James Garner) is employed to help as technical advisor. However, as shooting gets underway, Mix and Earp get caught up in a murder mystery, with Earp's former girlfriend Christina (Patricia Hodge), who is now married to Alperin, caught up as a suspect in the investigation, but Earp deducts something isn't right, and he's correct when more deaths occur. It could have been a great old fashioned buddy movie, but the action seems half-hearted and so does the comedy, you get the impression that Edwards was dialing this one in while he was waiting for a better project to come along. Willis need not have worried, he was about to release a little action film called Die Hard...

Liy D (ca) wrote: Classic 60s comedy. A very good movie and exactly my kind of comedy to boot.