The Return of Ringo

The Return of Ringo

Once again billed as Montgomery Wood, Giuliano Gemma plays a civil war soldier who returns to his family land to find his family decimated, his property taken over by a family of Mexican bandits and his fiancee about to marry the Mexican gangster behind all this. Bent on revenge, he goes undercover disguised as a Mexican and discovers he has a daughter!

Once again billed as Montgomery Wood, Giuliano Gemma plays a civil war soldier who returns to his family land to find his family decimated, his property taken over by a family of Mexican ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joshua H (br) wrote: A simplistic adventure offering up the morals of a campfire fable. Washington has fun in the lead, alongside Oldman who helps to elevate this action epic.

Paul A (de) wrote: absolutely amazing movie, very sad, and a little eerie. The movie was great.

Chris C (nl) wrote: Duffy is such an *ss, this should be a lesson to all those ignorant cocky bastards out there.

Jose Luis M (nl) wrote: Recibio pesimas criticas en su estreno, pero es una pelicula que mantiene su ritmo apesar de lo absurdo de su trama,Gabriel Byrne seductor como Satan se roba el film.

Gabriel A (ca) wrote: Mais do mesmo. Eraser uma mquinas de emoo sem crebro em que dezenas de assassinos treinados com armas de laser no conseguem atingir um alvo em movimento do tamanho de Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Andrew G (es) wrote: Entertaining - even if not an entirely fresh story.

Stephen E (ag) wrote: "Fitzcarraldo" should be viewed as a sort of companion piece to "Aguirre, the Wrath of God." It, too, focuses on a character that heads downriver in search of fulfilling his hopes and dreams, yet it isn't as unforgiving nor does it end as harshly. What makes "Fitzcarraldo" such an enjoyable and undemanding watch is the amount of time given to flesh out such a simple story and how quickly the two-and-a-half hours fly by. Klaus Kinski had a rather remarkable talent of looking insane but always delivering a very controlled and understated performance.

Noctua J (kr) wrote: the books were great but this movie, i read about it and FRIGHTFUL GETS SHOT?????? what sorta lameass thing is that? frightful never gets killed in the books, i am appalled! lol

Aaron M (gb) wrote: A beautifully shot b/w anti Batista pro Castro propaganda film made by the Soviets. A bit long at 2hr 20 min. but if you're going to get on a NSA watch list might as well get your money's worth.

Jonathan S (br) wrote: It's all in the details.

Birgit G (br) wrote: A really exiting and good movie about a heartless killer and a compassionate cop who hunts him down.Beautifully directed by film noir maestro Siodmak and great acting.

Matt D (it) wrote: This John Ford-directed gem is a perfect starter piece on the life of Abraham Lincoln and would make for a delicious opening film of a double feature with Spielberg's 'Lincoln'.Like any great biopic it avoids trying to cram in everything and instead focuses in on one significant episode of a life that is able to define the man better than a rapid fire list of scenes that seemingly just check off important moments in a person's life without any dramatic cohesiveness.What surprised me here was how powerful of a courtroom drama this turned out to be with legitimately exciting twists and extremely smart dialogue. Henry Fonda is perfect here as Lincoln and Alice Brady is touching as the grieving mother of the men on trial. This is not to be missed by my fellow history buffs!

Ben L (fr) wrote: Footlight Parade is the story of a theater producer who moves into the business of producing prologues, which apparently are short stage shows that the movie houses would present before the feature film. The greatness of this film basically begins and ends with the marvelous musical dance numbers that were choreographed by the amazing Busby Berkeley. In particular there is one routine in the water (to the tune of "By a Waterfall") which had me positively dumbstruck. The story of the film feels like a rather unimaginative stage play, and the way the characters interact just reinforces that feeling. In many ways this is something that could easily be pulled off in a theater production because there are limited sets, and the dialogue and overall plot would fit in with other Broadway-style musicals. But those final 3 dance numbers that we are shown are the one thing that could never have the same impact unless you see them presented on film. Perhaps that's another flaw of Footlight Parade, because it seems to imply that all these prologues are some kind of live performance, but the way it is presented would never work for an audience in a theater to see, particularly the one in the pool.To reiterate, the music numbers were one of a kind. I only wish they were scattered throughout the picture, instead of lumped one-after-another at the end. Also when you have a truly remarkable number like "By a Waterfall" it should be the finale of your film, but they actually sandwich it in the middle of the three big performances. I understand why they did it story-wise, because they wanted the moment that James Cagney took the stage to be momentous and be the thing that turns the tide, but it didn't work for me as a final climax. Speaking of Cagney, I think he does good enough with what he's given. He might have an overly gruff personality for some of the more delicate moments he is given, but when he takes on his "partners" it is a moment that totally suits him. Joan Blondell is charming but under-utilized. I think most of the humorous moments were because of her character, and she did well with that. Honestly I didn't have any huge problems with the cast, the sets, or the cinematography. I just didn't care about the story. I was uninterested, and I genuinely think that offering those big brash musical numbers more frequently might have made the experience better.

othman b (de) wrote: perfect movie action

Giorgos K (fr) wrote: One of the best films out there! A magnificent film, had me in tears almost the whole time. Outstanding performances from Sean Penn, Dakota Fanning & Michelle Pfeiffer.

Ra T (de) wrote: Just started to watch Sanctum, but after a very painful half hour I could not watch and moreover "listen" to it any longer.. Script, laughable, the plot was thrown at you with some intensely bad acting by good actors miscast to give what promised (as a concept) to be a thrilling movie. Rhys Wakefield definitely belongs in amateur dramatics (perhaps a high school plays?) Richard Roxburgh is a character actor and cannot carry a leading role.Ioan Gruffudd is a fantastic actor, but as a rich American thrill seeker.. hmmm?The rest of the cast were also-rans and don't bare a mention.. It is a 4/10 back of the shelf disappointment

Marina G (it) wrote: An amazing story about emptiness - if you get to see beyond the surfice.