The Revenant

The Revenant

A horror movie/buddy comedy about Joey and his undead friend Bart who comes back from the dead as a revenant: an articulate zombie that needs to drink blood to arrest the decomposition of his body.

In Los Angeles, a fallen soldier who has joined the ranks of the living dead reunites with his best friend in order to deal with the city's drug dealers and killers - a perfect way to collect the blood that one of them so desperately needs. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kaitlyn J (ru) wrote: In the beginning, they were going over what happened and why the pilot did not bring the plane back to the airport. For awhile through the movie I thought they were never going to show but they finally did. Good story though. Tom Hanks was excellent.

Amanda T (jp) wrote: Bad actors in what otherwise could have been a good movie.

Asa B (us) wrote: I tried to enjoy this movie but it all felt so lazy. A few of the jokes work but mostly you see the punchline long before it arrives.

cinthya m (de) wrote: This is the. best movie

Jennifer C (au) wrote: I love this movie!!! Jeremy Renner was so unbelievably perfect as Dahmer in such a gorgeous understated yet beautiful complex performance. He truly is fantastic! I love the fact that David Jacobson didn't turn this into a gore movie just full of blood and guts and cannibalism. He actually wanted to look at what Jeff was like as a person and yes, details such as names and certain exact situations are changed but the true essence remains. The style of this film is lush and I love that it's not beginning to end. It's more of a reflection. And in this reflection it ends in such a perfect way, still young with the dire reality still to unfold. And special note goes out to the end theme song, Blue Theme by Siren Music Productions. Guh yuh!!!!!!! One of my favourite movie themes ever. They did such an amazing job on the whole score, again so understated. This film obviously isn't for all but it is for me...I've easily seen it more than pretty much any other movie ever and to be honest, it just added to my already hugely obsessive love for Jeffrey Dahmer.

Grant H (fr) wrote: Great movie. Great action, funny, great performance from Schwarzenegger.

Onie S (es) wrote: I expected more out of a movie starring Michael J. Fox, Sean Penn and John C. Reilly. The movie is dull and lifeless for a large chunk of it's running time. I found Micheal J. Fox's character to be just as disgusting as the rest of his squad. After all, he let them kidnap the girl, rape her and then kill her. Then he went up the chain in command to report them only when someone tried to kill him while he was using the latrine. I find that fitting because that's where this movie belongs. I don't appreciate the way they tried to paint Eriksson in a good light, it's an insult to our intelligence, we know better.

Alida Rossani H (nl) wrote: Inolvidable, entre la inocencia y la locura. No se a veces creo que los verderos locos estan en las calles y los exageradamente humanos encerrados en un sanatorio.

Michael G (es) wrote: Though utterly abstract, completely pointless, containing no real story line whatsoever. This movie was absolutely hilarious. Though often quite crass, it was an extremely odd and VERY weird trip into the imagination world of the producer.Riddled with extremely unsound philosophy, very corny actors and so many one liners it could have its own book. This was QUITE an odd movie to say the less...Docked a bit for a few obvious moments..

Rick G (au) wrote: In the old days this was the quintessential baseball movie shown on TV every April!

Jose M (de) wrote: In one scene, a teenager scores a hit with a chainsaw at heroine. She hits back with a two by four kills him. I said "done!" Children of the Corn V- Field of Terror is a great name and has pretty cool looking cover, but is moronic like Christina's House. Deaths are nonsensical especially one involving chainsaw vs. two by four scene and people suddenly bursting into flames. It may come to a surprise that this film used to be based on a short story by Stephen King before the slew of sequels. Children of the Corn 5 needs a whooping along with the insipid writer and director!