The Revengers' Comedies

The Revengers' Comedies

After saving each other from jumping off a bridge, Henry Bell (Sam Neill) and Karen Knightly (Helena Bonham Carter) plot to avenge the people who drove them to suicide. Henry will ruin the life of the woman (Kristin Scott Thomas) who married Karen's boyfriend, while Karen will work as a secretary for the man (Steve Coogan) who took Henry's job. Whether revenge will be sweet – or bittersweet – is anyone's guess.

Depressed businessman Henry Bell and aristocrat Karen Knightly save each other's lives one night when they are ready to jump off London's Tower Bridge. Karen invents a revenge plot - she ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Steve M (mx) wrote: Big fan of John Cusack, but I can only assume producers had kidnapped his entire family, before making him take part in such a big stinking turd-bomb. Drive Hard... to avoid this movie at all costs!!!

Steven H (nl) wrote: Brave and beautiful story.

Monica L (fr) wrote: I feel it my civil duty to warn people not to waste their time on this one. It was slow, cheesy and I walked away feeling confused and let down.

Roi (gb) wrote: hayati ferzanin filmlerinde gibi yasamak istiyorummm

Sally S (us) wrote: wasnt a big fan of this movie, u can prolly find a better movie with the same storyline...

Khalimah (nl) wrote: can I watch this freed???????~'~'~'~'~'

tp b (nl) wrote: What you see is what you get... Not much ;)

Michael S (au) wrote: A underrated masterpiece by the great Mario Monicelli - his finest work of all. Marcello Mastroianni gives yet another fine performance and Annie Girandot also makes her mark. Don't miss it!

S M (de) wrote: This movie was freaking awesome, with nonstop thrills reminiscent of Phone Booth or Speed. Mark Webber excels in building his character throughout this fast-paced film, and Rutina Wesley (Tara from TrueBlood) rocks her role as well. I don't know why it got bad reviews, but I chose to watch it anyway and was pleasantly surprised. I recommended it to 3 others who watched it and loved it too!

Li W (us) wrote: Yay for Groundhog Day!