The Rich Are Always with Us

The Rich Are Always with Us

The ten year marriage of of Caroline Van Dyke and Greg Grannard is falling apart. A young woman, Allison, plots to become his second wife. Caroline's friend, novelist Julian, has long loved her and now sees his chance, but she refuses him and goes to Paris to file for divorce. Julian follows but on hearing that Greg has fallen on financial hardship Caroline returns to help him. Greg tells Caroline that his now-wife Allison is pregnant and Caroline realizes that she loves Julian and to travel to China with him and be married. Allison and Greg have a bitter row in the car, which then smashes into a tree killing Allison and injuring Greg. Caroline tells Julian she will stay with Greg until he is well, but marries Julian in the hospital with a promise to join him as soon as she can.

The ten year marriage of of Caroline Van Dyke and Greg Grannard is falling apart. A young woman, Allison, plots to become his second wife. Caroline's friend, novelist Julian, has long loved... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eric H (ag) wrote: Maynard never ceases to amaze and surprise!!!! A must see for anyone that appreciates wine...

Pii Debby L (kr) wrote: The movie showed relationships of different ages, 3 months, 1 year, 3 years, 10 years, 20 years, 30 years, 40 years, and 50 years.... It was a bit hard to follow since it keeps jumping around at different characters, of which I realized later on in the moive to be all related . I guess it was a cool film to explore relationships, but I believe at the end it shows that a relationship cannot be judged by its age rather the devotion two people put in it.

Janis S (ca) wrote: It was good. But that's where it ended. The flash forwards were a tad strange, loud and unnecessary, but I enjoy it.

orvarur H (ca) wrote: Looking for an excellent Swedish teenage vampire flick. Look no further. I found one for you. Now, go watch it. You're welcome.

Adel I (ag) wrote: Great movie that pokes fun of typical boy bands.

Lee B (kr) wrote: Great movie...very can tell tarrintino loves film

Ben H (gb) wrote: This is what Maddin's all about - using the visual style of silent cinema, a great repetitive soundtrack, mumbling cryptic artificial overdubbed dialogue and a story so convoluted you'll never want it to end! Brilliant!


Robert I (fr) wrote: Stinker. This movie is marginally watchable for the first half, the half before the relationship becomes consummated. Bizarre to trade off conflicts from falling in love with someone who can't love you back to some very strained bs about one's romantic interest's past sexual exploits...made no sense, I didn't care about AMy's past and the systemic drama unfolding seems very forced if not just fake(sex with two partners WHO CARES). This could have been a much more interesting movie had the writer been smart(had a brain) and made the whole movie about the internal conflict Amy may have gone through when coming to terms with the dynamics of her sexual instincts and true companionship. The dialogue is pretty horrible and redundant, it becomes annoying only to eventually become unbearable, it is because the writing is so amature, (NOOB NOOB NOOBY dooby doo) that I give the actors a pass...I see it as the actors just working with the thing as best they could. There are worse movies but this is a stinker for sure.

Mike H (au) wrote: William Hurt is excellent here, in easily one of his best performances. The movie is a little too literary and therefore drags during the first half, with more of a buildup meant for text than for a visual medium. But solid overall.

Calvin R (mx) wrote: 'GrindHouse' Planet Terror is indeed a fast pace, old-fashioned zombie film. Great performance, good CGI, Great action, great gore, and the zombies were great.

Silence D (ru) wrote: A perfect movie. This is the quintessential summer movie. The setting is perfect, it is hilariously funny, and the performances are astounding. This is a breath of fresh air. A top 10 favorite movie of mine. The screenplay is perfect, the performences are perfect (especially those of Sam Rockwell and Allison Janey), and.... Everything. Everything is perfect. An Absolute A+ movie. An real shame that it got no Oscar love (especially for Sam Rockwell).