The Richest Girl in the World

The Richest Girl in the World

A wealthy heiress switches places with her secretary to test a man's love. Millionairess Dorothy Hunter (Miriam Hopkins) is tired of finding out that her boyfriends love her for her money, and equally weary of losing eligible beaus who don't want to be considered fortune-hunters. That's why she trades identities with her secretary Sylvia (Fay Wray) before embarking on her next romance with Tony Travers (Joel McCrea). This causes numerous complications not only for Dorothy and Tony but for Sylvia, whose own husband Philip (Reginald Denny) is not the most patient of men. A witty script distinguishes this airy romantic comedy.

Dorothy Hunter is an heiress of untold wealth. She believes no one will love her for herself and not for her money, so she pretends to be her secretary Sylvia while Sylvia pretends to be ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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mishel b (fr) wrote: This is an absolute disgrace of a movie. I didn't like it from the get-go. I can't believe such crude and horribly discriminating comments came out of Jason Bateman's mouth. It's all around crude, and ultimately unfunny.

Erastes A (ag) wrote: Very disappointing - the "romance" was almost a surprise as there seemed to be absolutely no interest between the main characters other than one drunken snog. the iconic poster shot actually only appears on the closing credits which is a tad misleading. As far as I could see, it was the unlikely friendship between the hot chick Talia and Crowne that defined the film. The comedic touches were more enjoyable than any alledged rom com element.

Octavian (ru) wrote: With only superficial examination, this seems like a powerful message, particularly the part about the history of religion. But the facts are seriously distorted, a good portion of it's just made up, and the delivery is mean to be misleading so that the viewer draws the same extremely biased conclusions as the narrator.This isn't a documentary.

Alex r (es) wrote: I'll start by saying that I've seen my faire share of bad film, and to be honest, Jonah Hex wasn't that bad of a film. Of course it's a ridiculous affair, a film that is shallow in its story, but is somewhat entertaining despite its significant flaws. I didn't hate the film, but I felt that it could have been much better as well. I've seen my fair share of bad films, and I got to say that Jonah Hex is nowhere near the ineptitude garbage that films like Movie 43 and Texas Chainsaw were. This is somewhat entertaining, albeit it doesn't do anything really good with its ideas, and it does squander its potential. The film is mindless popcorn action, and it's decent at best, but it's definitely not great. I liked some aspects of the film, and the comic book vibe the film had was quite good, but the script was just empty, and the film's ideas never really took off. Jonah Hex for me anyways, isn't as bad as I thought it was going to be, but it's not a good film either. The film should have been much better than this, as there were some appealing things about it, however due to a lacking script, the film's ideas never come to fruition and it does make you wonder how good this film could have been if the screenwriters would have reworked the story a bit more. For metal fans, you'll probably enjoy Mastodon's soundtrack, and the cameo by the band's guitarist Brent Hinds as a Union Soldier. Not as bad as what I expected, but it does leave a bit to be desired, however I must say that I have seen far worse films than this one. At least this film had a few entertaining action scenes, if only the plot had been reworked, then this film really could have been something special.

Billy C (ag) wrote: it is what it is. Wayne Brady is wasted as the "bad guy"

Daan A (de) wrote: 5-star review for the first 45min of this movie, and yes the end is kinda dull and not that great but somehow it doesn't matter to me. The music, charactes and the gore I became a big fan. See it and judge yourself, don't pass this based on bad reviews!!!

Maya F (br) wrote: Antoine Doinel describing Madame Tabard :D

Andrew H (jp) wrote: A down-to-earth and very good British war drama. It's not over dramatized, not until the end anyway and even then not much. It is also a story about the people aboard a submarine and what life was like. There is a very interesting array of characters within the film and characters in different situations in their lives. There is drama, suspense and an occasional bit of humour thrown in too. The ending of the film is slightly over dramatized however, and it seems a little far-fetched. The cast has been well chosen and perfectly cast in their roles. There is definitely a class structure within the cast with the officers speaking in 'typical British' accents and the ratings speaking in different regional accents. With this is mind John Mills is excellent as the submarine Lieutenant and it seems the part was written for him. Eric Portman is also perfectly cast as a ships rating but has the manner of a man with a sense of brutality, which is displayed through his dialogue. A good down-to-earth war film, which has a good story, good characters and a good cast. It is only let down by the slightly over dramatized ending.