The Right Kind of Wrong

The Right Kind of Wrong

Leo the dishwasher falls in love with a bride on the day of her wedding - to another man.

Leo the dishwasher falls in love with a bride on the day of her wedding - to another man. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Toni S (ru) wrote: Fascinating documentary where the first 20 mins or so are incredibly captivating and the rest fails to live up to the expectations set by the first couple of segments.

Leonardo Malacay S (kr) wrote: la proximidad de la muerte une a dos hermanos.hermosas imgenes, azulas y sin anestesia

Ricardo C (au) wrote: Com efeitos prticos clssicos e duas fortes prestaes principais, "Ginger Snaps" eleva-se acima de muitos filmes sobre adolescentes merc de foras sobrenaturais, ao mesmo tempo que contm paralelismos vida social dos jovens intervenientes e aos medos e receios da entrada na fase pr-adulta. Fora algumas decises incoerentes tomadas pelas personagens, a atmosfera adequada assim como o suspense efetivo, e o modelo da criatura tem a melhor das inspiraes em Rick Baker, contribuindo para um estatuto de culto bem merecido.

Francisco F (it) wrote: Assez drole et touchant. Belle direction d'acteurs, comme toujours chez Lumet.

David Ray G (kr) wrote: I'm not a Colin Firth fan, but in this movie he pulled off a great performance and his character was likable in his quirkiness and self-righteousness. The chemistry between him and Hart Bochner is simply amazing and wholly belieavable. The ending was brilliant and so was the story. A great character-based film about kindness, secrets and loneliness. A definite suggestion.

Whiskey P (br) wrote: Caren Kaye is why I sought this film out nearly twenty-five years after seeing an edited and clean version on public television. It never occurred to me that the film was a typical 80's wannabe "Porky's" teen sex romp until recently seeing it pop up as being available on Netflix. Shocked, I watched it and finally, unexpectedly, got to see Kaye's titties in their entirety. Sad but true, that's really all I've got to say about this film. Kaye was primarily a TV actress, so seeing her virtually naked is a bit mind boggling. Oh, and did Crispen Glover look goofy or what? Well, everyone did. It was the 80's...

Benjamin G (it) wrote: Remember that controversial participation game of the 1980s called "Dungeons and Dragons"? Remember how sociologists warned us that the game was potentially dangerous to those who couldn't altogether separate fantasy from reality. This is the premise of Mazes and Monsters, a made-for-TV film based on the best-seller by Rona Jaffee. Future Oscar-winner Tom Hanks portrays one of four college students who become so deeply involved in a Mazes & Monsters session that the results may turn fatal at any moment. Despite its potential for silly sensationalism, the film is based on a believable premise, and arrives at a logical conclusion. When first aired December 28, 1982, this Canadian-American production was titled Rona Jaffee's Mazes and Monsters.

Jane S (jp) wrote: So bad, I enjoyed it. It's absolutely ridiculous, so be warned.

Brandon S (nl) wrote: if only there was more than 5 starsavailable to rate....Truly epic story of a bio-exorcist dead guy havin a good time.Michael Keaton, you amazing dude, you.

Ryan B (it) wrote: A very flawed movie. Unpolished on all the edges. Yet there is something so fascinating about it. The Shining in space + Dead Space = a decent sci-fi horror film.

Dane W (es) wrote: though it's a short film (For A Jurassic Park Film) and the characters are weak "Jurassic Park 3" is darker and gives some nostalgia back to the franchise after a 4 year break.

Tyler S (it) wrote: I saw this movie as a kid and obviously didn't appreciate it at the time. However with great movies you remember parts about it that stick with you. The relationship between Fondas character and the young boy were memorable. So much star power in this movie it's just ridiculous. Predictable of course, but with the Performances is doesn't matter at all..

Robert A (au) wrote: 3/5 + 0.5 for Jim Gaffigan in the cast.

holly w (it) wrote: this movie is amazing

Branden W (ru) wrote: Dario Argento proves time and time again, that he is uniquely qualified to probe the deepest waters of the mysterious; another accursed mystery in his distinctly unique style. As in most Argento films of the 80s, Phenomena takes place in an all-girl's academy, starring a young Jennifer Connelly, who upon meeting the famous entomologist Dr. MacGregor, begins deepening her knowledge of phenomena, of ESP regarding insects, or "communication among insects." Phenomena is formidably creepy, all the way up to its climactic conclusion, in typical Argento fashion. Despite Suspiria's massive cult following, this is Dario Argento at his very best.