The Right Temptation

The Right Temptation

A detective falls for the man she's supposed to be investigating; dire complications follow.

A detective falls for the man she's supposed to be investigating; dire complications follow. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brett E (au) wrote: The first 45 minutes of this was pure comedy, and then a twist came to keep the movie afloat. These two things aren't necessarily negative - the movie put a nice spin on the superhero genre and it was engaging - but by the end I was a little worn out by the story. Will Smith was fine as usual, although not quite as enthralling as he was in Pursuit or I am Legend.

Nathan C (au) wrote: Fuck! This! Movie!It is so repulsive there really isn't anything to say about it,I'm just thinking on what to say because it's so bad as in fact flawless in every possible level, I just can't believe it got such high reviews, It doesn't deserve that!Score: 0/10

Paul Z (mx) wrote: A flabby-paced plot with ham-fisted dialogue fleetingly redeemed by superbly filmed mountaineering scenes, take it with a grain of salt: Everything immoderate, show-offy and offensive about early Clint actioners is redeemed with utmost taste and maturity in his more recent work.

Terry O (es) wrote: Saw this on late night tv when I was just a kid. Man, it sure did mess me up and make me hungry for gothic horror. One of Hammer Horror's best!

Jake A (fr) wrote: Though by no means the best Western that Eastwood has acted in (not even the best from the 60s in fact) this is still a solid film in the genre that despite being conventional still has relatively solid issues that tackled within the narrative and it also has a solid plot. The cast supporting Eastwood are good, I like the score, the action is realistic and not overblown and the visuals though not extravagant do at least throw you into the world portrayed.

Jofer F (mx) wrote: to tell you the truth, i cant stop watching the trailer. I dont why. Addicted? Maybe?

Luis C (us) wrote: Um western que subverte o gnero ao trazer o bandido como protagonista e o xerife como vilo. Mas o filme falha ao amenizar as aes do protagonista.

Jens T (ru) wrote: Robert Hammer's Kind Hearts and Coronets is the story about Louis Mazzini (Dennis Price) who's the son of an Italian opera singer and a British women who's comes from a wealthy and respected family of counts, and countesses, the d'Ascoyne clan. This marriage is such a disgrace that she's cut of from the family fortune, and so are Louis. She's not even allowed to be buried with the rest of her family, which makes Louis wanna avenge her, by eliminate all the remaining family members (All played by Alec Guinness) so that he can step up and take the throne that is rightfully his.What makes this film so funny is because that Sir Alec Guinness is playing seven different parts, anything kind of people, from young to old, and he even plays a women. Some of the performances are so great that I don't recognize him at all. And also special is Dennis Price's characters is also interesting in that way that he's kills people that easily and doesn't seems to regret any of it. He's a gentleman killer. And the best part of the film is certainly the ending, which I won't reveal, but I promise it's maybe the most ironic ending in the history of cinema. Thumbs up.

Carlos I (kr) wrote: Alright. Remind me why everyone says this is so terrible? Cuz they're full of shit. It's actually a pretty cool, effective horror/sci-fi/action movie. I love the respawn/first-person mode sequence lol. What more could a Doom fan expect...?