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Peter B (es) wrote: Going to the cinema having read the critic's reviews first, is very 'hit & miss'. I really enjoyed this film - then I'm looking back 20 years ( wait until you get to where I am now).

Kyle M (nl) wrote: Moving and pretty realistic. One of the better disaster movies made, in my opinion.

Joseph W (us) wrote: worst adaption of Casablanca

Lotti K (br) wrote: Dear Mr. DeCoteau: What's your secret? How do you make movies (plural) this bad and get away with it. Very impressive. love, Lotti

Stefanie C (it) wrote: A highly satirical and bizarre WWII film. The American soldiers or misfits are comprised of every stereotype (cowboy, indian, black, knight, etc). My personal favorite is when the cowboy falls in love with a Volkswagen. The film is far from cohesive, but it is well executed and entertaining.

William F (gb) wrote: This is what Josh Hutcherson is famous for, before working on The Hunger Games!

Matthew B (jp) wrote: Very watchable. Decent sci fi flick .

Jennifer C (gb) wrote: This movie is really unfairly panned. It was entertaining, fun and worth watching more than once. It feels like most critics jumped on the hater bandwagon and didn't really give this a chance. Why would Hellboy (a movie I also like) be considered so fresh, and this one so rotten? Makes no sense. Sure the CGI can be a little much at times, but the costumes, humor, sets and story more than make up for that.

George B (kr) wrote: One of the worst attempts at a sequel I've ever seen. The actors are absolutely terrible, especially the annoying crazy old lady that they finally kill but end up bringing back in another role..The new leader is not scary at all. This movie is so bad it's pretty funny at times.