The Ring

The Ring

Both Jack Sander and Bob Corby are boxers in love with Mabel. Jack and Mabel wed, but their marriage is flat. The young wife looks to Bob for comfort.

Two boxers compete for the love of a woman. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Ring torrent reviews

Lisa M (fr) wrote: An OK suspense thriller about a mutant in a navy ship that controls the minds of others. Very bloody and kind of twisted

Dave M (nl) wrote: Nice little dark comedy

Esa K (ca) wrote: Varsin tavanomainen pljys.

dhe m (es) wrote: this film is really great,you must see it......

Greg W (fr) wrote: made just b4 the gr8 FW Murnau directed his masterpiece 'nosferatu'.

Michael K (jp) wrote: Oh did this suck. I have to confess I only watched the first twenty-five minutes but it was enough. Cheesy production values and acting. It reminded me of the made for TV movies we would watch sometimes in the 1970s. Ij'm glad it was a free loaner from the library. Do not waste your time on this pathetic addition to a good horror franchise.

Leonard D (gb) wrote: Made on a budget of a little over $2 million dollars, it's too lame and stupid. The clowns are scary, but the characters are so annoying, I just wish that the clowns would have axed them off in the middle of the film! You might find some enjoyment out of this, but for me? I'll stick with the original Poltergeist movie!

Jeff B (br) wrote: I just discovered that many people and Critics disliked this movie, in reality it is a 4 start movie it is very silly at times, but this is a movie me and my dad have quoted for over 20 years it is hilarious. It is so strange how for the longest time we talked about how much better When Nature Calls was than the first one only for me to find out now that Critics did not feel that way at all. There are way to many quotable hilarious scenes in the movie to not give it a chance, I feel it remains funny throughout the run time, still love it and quote it to this day.

Harry B (mx) wrote: Sherilyn Fenn Best Beaver -

Dave G (mx) wrote: Of course will not be considered a classic critically, but this movie just looks immaculate. The actors simply look awesome, effects and gore are tremendous but there is more to this movie thatn just that. Well paced, the right length, awesome on the big screen and a great night in too. The best modern Horror/Super hero movie I can think of.