The Ring Thing

The Ring Thing

Middle Earth is... right in the heart of Europe! A spoof of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy set in Switzerland.

Middle Earth is... right in the heart of Europe! A spoof of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy set in Switzerland. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Beverley J (br) wrote: This film was so moving. The actor playing Solo was so engaging. All characters were well cast and came across as very real and raw. Incredibly sad but with some really uplifting moments. A must see movie.

Jamie I (es) wrote: A visually stunning film. It's impossible to look away from the cinematic brilliance colorfully painted on the screen. Recommended.

Therron J (it) wrote: This was the worst movie I've ever seen. The director and the writers should be SHOT! This movie gets two thumbs down. The ending was horrible too.

Cody L (it) wrote: "Here's a great film with a lot to offer. Tuvan culture, fodder for contextualization thought, folk religion, cross-cultural communication, cross-cultural music, etc. Also, it is quite entertaining."

alyssa n (fr) wrote: again a movie i loved as a kid

Henrysmovieguide C (es) wrote: This movie was really good, actually. I saw it a while ago. A very funny Tom Hanks performance. Really hilarious and cool.

Terelon S (gb) wrote: Stars for Crispin Glover's acting, keeps your attention but a weak film overall.

Christine M (ag) wrote: Jimi Hendrix was AWESOME. I wish i could have seen it all!

Jess L (it) wrote: Classic trashy movie connecting three women in show business by their addictions to "dolls" - pills. Wonderfully melodramatic with a great 60s vibe.

Bill C (nl) wrote: You know what? They don't. And judging from the post-production dubbing, they don't talk either. Half star for a Rip Taylor look-a-like and misdirection by Sid Melton. (alias Salvadore Petrillo alias Friendly Freddy.)

Louise B (gb) wrote: This was a cute movie. I think it was probably very risque in it's time. It had a lot of sexual innuendo that you just don't see in movies from this time period, which made it a little bit better. It was funny and cute like most Billy Wilder movies!

puroticorico (ca) wrote: Can't say I was impressed but the story line is good with morals and a simple view at the issues of poverty. must admit, the random ending was a bit disappointing. If you blink you miss it.

Steven P (es) wrote: Other than the outstanding 10 minute action sequence of Naomi Watts being chased by the foetodon and then the V-rex, until being saved by King Kong, the movie gives us nothing that wasn't provided by the original 1933 epic. In fact, considering that the story is about mankind's greedy insistence on dominating the world at the expense of wildlife, the story is all the more upsetting when the re-make is watched 70+ years later, when we should have learned something. Couldn't the re-make have at least shown the greedy wrong-doers paying for their sins? Additionally, the script has multiple storylines which go nowhere.

Private U (ru) wrote: I was told, that it was "the most scary movie of the decade".. I couldn't agree less! really crappy movie, i wasn't scared at all..

Edyn O (us) wrote: I love this movie. It is waaaaay better than the Snow White story with Kristen Stewart. These characters were engaging and interesting. I watched it more than once and found it entertaining each time.