The Rise & Fall of a White Collar Hooligan

The Rise & Fall of a White Collar Hooligan

Casual football hooligan Mike Jacobs is going nowhere in life when he meets old friend Eddie Hill at a football match that turns nasty off the pitch. Under Eddie’s tutelage he soon finds himself inducted into the world of credit card fraud, where organised gangs withdraw hundreds of thousands of pounds from cash machines every night. As Mike becomes seduced by the money and women that come with his new lifestyle, the dangers increase and he soon finds events spiralling beyond his control.

When unemployed soccer hooligan Mike Jacobs encounters an old friend during a bloody pregame brawl, he finds the answer to his problems - credit card fraud. But before long, the fast paced ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Laci R (it) wrote: love this movie!!!!!!!

Aakash G (ru) wrote: intense is how i describe it in one word!!shahid's best performance till emotionally driven movie showing how life is in kashmir in reality more often than not....tells how innocent souls up there in kashmir(like haider,ghazala,arshia in the movie) are lied to,ill treated and often brainwashed by the militants and at times by army(p.s. govt) too just to get their support by any means....shahid just rocked in his character of haider and shraddha kapoor,tabu & Kay Kay were superb narration,as screenplay and direction,the movie was as good as it can get in bollywood movies...but for an average viewer,you wont hear a single whistle so fiery is its content throughout(P.S. dont watch it if you dont have an appetite for serious movies)...for a short summary to sum the movie up,the movie starts from a gesture of humanity turns into acts of authority & domination into hatred & revenge and ends with a message of forgiveness with a hope for a better future :)

Josh L (gb) wrote: This is an extremely well done documentary. The filmmakers do a fantastic job of covering their subject. It may be tempting to view The Big Fix as a liberal antigovernment muckraking, but as you go through the film you realize that it only appears to be muckraking because the objective truth is so ugly. Regardless of your political leaning, you can only come away from this film with a realization that our politicians and our corporations have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo, truth be damned. The filmmakers do a very good job of bringing the gulf spill repercussions to a human and individual level, making the film enjoyable - - if you can enjoy something that uncovers such ugly truths.

Philip D (us) wrote: So many problems with this. Sure. It's badly shot and it's even badly edited. Not to mention the fact that the people they decide to interview lack any sense of personality (which could have been fixed with some trimming), but the biggest problem is the doc as a whole lacks focus. It's got information which you're not even sure is true. You have to look it up yourself because you're not sure if anyone has anything right. In the end, what did I need the information for anyway?

Maria C (es) wrote: It is a beautiful,touching movie,and Genova is a wonderful city!

Jessica H (ca) wrote: the casting works, but the film leaves you with a giant ustion mark floating in your head.

Emmett M (ag) wrote: A real downer for Christmas, but lots of brutal reality about living and dying.

Eric T (ag) wrote: a movie that might not have been so good without a great performance by Michael Keaton...good 80s comedy

Dane P (fr) wrote: Aimless but well made and with passion. Not a film for everybody

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Clay B (es) wrote: SANDS OF IWO JIMA (1949)

Marcus W (ru) wrote: It took them eight films, but they got there in the end. Easily the best one.

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