The River

The River

Based on the novel by Rumer Godden, Jean Renoir’s entrancing first color feature—shot entirely on location in India—eloquently contrasts the growing pains of three young women with the immutability of the Bengal river around which their daily lives unfold. Enriched by Renoir’s subtle understanding and appreciation for India and its people, The River gracefully explores the fragile connections between transitory emotions and everlasting creation.

Three adolescent girls growing up in Bengal, India, learn their lessons in life after falling for an older American soldier. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bill M (br) wrote: supposed to see this tonight then dine with filmmakers. Looks great. I helped rebuild houses in Appalachia over a few summers in my youth. You're waiting for a joke aren't you? Sorry. True story.

Eric N (jp) wrote: It started out better than Ip Man 1&2 but by the end it lost me pretty hard. I've seen this movie done better before -- it's Fist of Fury, Tai Chi Master, Fist of Legend, Fearless..... But at least they're stealing from the best.The acting is superior and it feels a little more authentic at the beginning. However, it's a lot more of a soap opera drama - not surprising, but it doesn't deliver in the end. The title character disappears from the movie for like 25 minutes right before the end. Mistakes like that brought down what could've been an instant classic, but stil, it's a great movie. Yuen Biao is awesome in it. High 3.5 (3.75 is more like it which would equal a decent 7.5/10)

Michael M (gb) wrote: It's not that good. The only funny scene in my opinion is the Greek Games.

Charles M (fr) wrote: Great ending to a really dumb story. Almost everyone in the world died because we ran out of gasoline? Seriously? I did like Rachel Miner and Vinnie Jones as villains. Michael Madsen's role was so horrible. Don't get excited about him at all. The star of the movie was excellent towards the second act and the end of the movie. I almost didn't make it through the first fifteen minutes just because of the boring opening sequences where they tried to show these idiots living in a hospital might just be a formidable force against savage cannibals. They would have been wiped out on the first night if the cannibals did not just want one at a time so they could have fresh meat every night. There is some fun to be had here if you can get to the last half hour. Sorry if I spoiled anything.

Chris N (ag) wrote: So underrated. One of Wilson's best performances.

miranda (us) wrote: want to see it so bad

Shelly l (de) wrote: One of the best war movies I have seen... realistic and with a good screeplay..

Jay J (gb) wrote: Paul Telfer has the body of a god!

Antonio P (de) wrote: a low budget zombie movie , not alot to say about it other than the acting is atrocious(but funny lol) not the goriest of zombie films and defenitly not even close to the top 20, but i must say that the idea of gettin a cure and having a man half zombie half man was pretty cool

Alex K (au) wrote: I Don't Like Marilyn Monroe.

The Joint Is Really Jumpin in Carnegie Hall (au) wrote: the three girls are all beautiful

Danielle K (nl) wrote: All though this film, I felt that it kept graduating into deep dark subject matter that it hadn't earned the degree for.

Mark S (fr) wrote: Nah. Great action, trash storyline.