The River

The River

In Taiwan a young man with a mysterious paralysis massages his neck with his mother's dildo, meanwhile the rain is flooding the island.

In Taiwan, Xiao-kang, a young man in his early 20s, lives with his parents in near silence. He is plagued by severe neck pain. His father is bedeviled by water first leaking into his ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Wayne K (us) wrote: A film with a premise so weird but an execution so hilarious it's definitely worth a watch, Swiss Army Man is exactly what I think of in a movie when I hear the word 'quirky'. Stepping right outside the box to show us the relationship between a despondent cast away and a superpowered corpse, it uses its peculiar premise not only to deliver laugh out loud gags, but also to address some serious issues. The themes of abandonment, fear, rejection and insecurities are at the forefront of our heroes' bond, and the film develops them gradually and without heavy sentiment. The ending is a bit of a mess, and pales in comparison to what has come before it. But the bulk of the movies is just so excellent, filled with hilarious wordplay, touching interactions and memorable imagery. It caused many a walkout when it premiered, but if those people had only given it a chance, they would have witnessed one of 2016s most heartfelt comedies. As far as I'm concerned, it's entirely their loss.

Jeremy R (es) wrote: Well-done and entertaining documentary about the role and size of government. Goes between real people and animation. Very entertaining. Those who think it's a propaganda piece just find the facts to be inconvenient and unflattering

Terry R (de) wrote: Biased but informative. Worth seeing; I made some healthy changes after seeing it and I suppose that's the goal. Very one-sided tho

Michael F (kr) wrote: good message here, but not what it appears to be. and i guess all our problems can be solved by watching wheel of fortune.

Lisa R (de) wrote: So much funnier to watch 20 years later.

Mitchell W (mx) wrote: Wonderfully quirky and eccentric, this is a revelatory film. "The Piano" introduced Campion to most audiences, particularly in America, but this earlier work is far more imaginative and original. Both the story and visuals are strikingly unconventional, and yet compared to Campion's later films, "Sweetie" feels warmer and more accessible. It's not to everyone's tastes, and to my understanding, it was panned on its initial release, but given a chance, it's delightfully charming on its own terms.

Kevin H (jp) wrote: Drew Barrymore is cute and funny but the rest of the movie is pretty forgettable....

George V (gb) wrote: The villains miss shooting down "the Concorde," and everyone nearly dies, but it does not phase anyone, as they all gladly get on the plane again the next day?!?!?!?!

Daniel K (nl) wrote: 1.5: After seeing the pornographic manner in which this Nazi whorehouse extravaganza is made, I can't help but wonder at the surprise evinced on the part of actors like Malcolm McDowell and Peter O'Toole upon seeing the final cut of Caligula, which was made a few years later. How could they not realize they were climbing into bed, so to speak, with a lewd, unscrupulous, and incendiary exhibitionist? Tinto Brass certainly seems to have gone after a particular market with a vengeance. I can't say his pictures always seemed to be terribly tasteful, but I was actually somewhat surprised at how tame, relatively of course, Salon Kitty was. My imagination can run to places far more disgusting and foul than this - partially due to the places Caligula went I suppose - despite the films obvious and blatant perversions. I have to say I'm glad Brass stopped at this point though. I don't have a desire to witness anything more vulgar than this, or least not consciously. What's funny is that when watching Tinto Brass on screen during the special features, he seems like a fairly normal guy. Certain scenes are definitely more compelling than others, but on the whole there isn't much of a story; it's basically just about the crass shock value. I'd never considered how S&M the Nazi uniform could be viewed. This aspect was on full display here though. Grooming standards have definitely changed since this picture was made as well. Ingrid Thulin's performance is the best reason to watch the film. As fascinating as some of her musical numbers are, I can't quite equate this performance with the much more subtle versions of herself on view in several Ingmar Bergman masterpieces though.

Agustn S (kr) wrote: Spike Jonze has crafted a unique, touching and bittersweet experience. It's stunning cinematography, strong narrative and uncommon (yet effective) blend of drama and science fiction are all remarkable, but the true highlight of the experience is Phoenix and Johansson's chemistry. Pacing issues aside, Her is a must-see.

bill s (it) wrote: There is no better campy,schlocky B film horror goodness than this flick.

Trenton R (it) wrote: Watching it again, there's surprisingly a lot of entertainment with it. The animation and songs are forgettable. But I still loved seeing these characters again, and seeing Jafar with Genie powers is very fun to see.