The River Fuefuki

The River Fuefuki

When the youngest members of a family of farmers decide to become warriors, the clan's troubles multiply.

When the youngest members of a family of farmers decide to become warriors, the clan's troubles multiply. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mlissa K (fr) wrote: simple et merveilleux. J'adore Josianne Balasko dans son role de mere completement barjo!

Ganesh S (jp) wrote: Bad movie.Liked it only for Anushka Sharma!

Mlissa A (kr) wrote: Belle morale de crew pour les danseurs, beaucoup de talents, mais... sans plus...

Sandra M (nl) wrote: Want to watch a dirty movie? This one may do it for you if you're interested in the future of our planet. Lots of inspiring stories as well as horrifying stories of how disconnected we are from the nitty gritty of life.

Brody M (es) wrote: Worth watching at least once

Chris S (nl) wrote: Just some pointless prison drama that is just disgusting for the sake of being disgusting. Lets face it, uwe Boll doesn't belong anywhere. He can't even direct a decent art-house film. Take my advise, watch a better prision movie that features Edward Furlong. That movie is "Animal Factory".

Michael S (it) wrote: This movie is a departure from the usual way that the US does it's ghost movies, but that departure is still a little lifeless. The pace, as fitting a ghost story is slow and steady... but stays at a plateau, rather than ratcheting up the tension and suspense- and suspense is really important to keeping someone interested in a ghost story. Because of this, this movie felt rather listless and lethargic. It provides a few good decent scenes, but even those scenes are a little "dead", and lack the shock they should've had. There's a lot of potential in the premise, and story, and I wouldn't mind doing a remake of this myself.

Eric H (de) wrote: Friday took place in the ghetto, in Next Friday Ice Cube's character now lives in a wealthy neighbourhood. This means from the start that the basic formula is different, and the absence of any familiar character except Ice Cube, who was one of the weaker characters the original means that it's a film with a tenuous connection to the first. In essence Next Friday is almost a completely different film from Friday. It is still passable, it carries enough energy for the viewer to not become bored, but the original seems highly original and inventive in comparison. It seems to be capitalising on the success of the first rather than creating a true sequel.

imaad M (jp) wrote: acting acting acting. they need acting classesi

Tyler W (jp) wrote: If U Don't Enjoy Monty Python... Then You'll Hate This Film!!!

Riley H (es) wrote: It starts off as somewhat funny and interesting poke at movie conventions and morals and gets more and more boring the more and more it thinks its being provocative.

Matt M (ag) wrote: Western about the main character helping a Mexican family protect their land. An American and heavily politicised attempt to revive the western genre with a spaghetti twist; it fails short of expectations with its bored storyline and characters. However, Eastwood still has enough charisma to save this movie from complete oblivion.

Don S (us) wrote: This Disney movie got slammed at the box office, however it is not as terrible as all that. It's got decent motion capture animation and a dream-like quality. The story is completely unbelievable, but tells a moral and tries to warm your heart. Seth Green got hosed on his voice talent - they replaced his with that of an 11 year olds - but it is a watchable and somewhat enjoyable movie.

Cameron C (ru) wrote: This movie might've been a cheesy movie, but I would rather watch this movie 25 times in a row than watch Paul Blart Mall Cop 2 again.