The River's Edge

The River's Edge

Ben Cameron and wife Meg struggle to build their small ranch in the New Mexico desert. Then bad guy Nardo Denning arrives in New Mexico looking for his girlfriend and her husband.

A murderous thief on the run with stolen loot forces a poor rancher to guide him across the desert into Mexico. Accompanying them is the rancher's wife, who happens to be the killer's former girlfriend. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Julie C (fr) wrote: My parents spoke about the gangs when I was little and this was a very intense movie

Jamie I (es) wrote: Reminding you why you loved John Cusack in flicks like Gross Pointe Blank

Aoife S (es) wrote: A good twisty thriller that keeps you guessing to the end

Jessica P (ca) wrote: What is wrong with idiot directors who can't keep the goddamn camera still?! Whatever minuscule amount of tension or fear you might have been able to create disappeared the moment you decided "yes! I'll balance on a pogo stick while I film these scenes! The audience won't be able to see what's happening but what the hell." Morons.

Daniel W (br) wrote: A great cast elevate this above the material (it's totally different to the French original). It starts off great, goes downhill when Darla and Thurman come into it, picks up again at the dinner itself, goes downhill again, and then rescues itself at the end, so it's a bit hit and miss, but the four main characters (Tim, Barry, Julie and Kieran) are all worth watching. And who would have known that 5 years later, Steve Carell would be an Oscar nominee and Paul Rudd a superhero?!

Roberto20 C (kr) wrote: Clint Eastwood directed a masterpiece. Million Dollar Baby is an incredible film that has excellent performances an impressive direction and a perfect and touching story.

Scott W (es) wrote: A pretty good radioactive monster movie, with some lovely Cornish settings in the early scenes, good British charatcer actors, especially Andre Morrell, but let down by an obviously low budget so that the attack on London is not on the scale of Gorgo or Beast from 20,000 Fathoms.

Nathan B (us) wrote: acting was terrible. the only way you will like this movie is if you think channing tatum is worth spending money on to check out. with the movie being titled fighting you would think that they would spice up the fighting or give you some good detailed scenes, but instead the fighting scenes were super weak. watch a real action movie not this joke.

Jason M (fr) wrote: Rushmore is a generous 4.5/5 stars. It is a unique "teen" comedy that is quite different from many in this genre. First timer Jason Schwartzman launched his career as the protagonist. Bill Murray plays a mundane, childish, industrialist and Olivia Williams their simple and charming love interest. The film has a few gut-bursting, hilarious scenes. The soundtrack is full of obscure 60s and 70s rock songs pieced together by the founder of Devo.This script is written so well that there are few, if any, periods where the film is trying to find itself. The film is constant flowing from one scene to the next, held tightly together by a great story and protagonist.High recommendation for people who are looking for a light-hearted comedy.

Vtor M (ru) wrote: Agradvel, ocasionalmente tocando, sem nunca ser realmente convincente.