The Road

The Road

A care-free girl is sold to a traveling entertainer, consequently enduring physical and emotional pain along the way.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:108 minutes
  • Release:1954
  • Language:Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:circus,   rape,   murder,  

A care-free girl is sold to a traveling entertainer, consequently enduring physical and emotional pain along the way. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joe E (jp) wrote: good cannon fodder for a few cheap thrills. Bronson is great, as are some of the rest of the supporting cast. There are far too many plot holes and loose ends that just don't make sense for me. There is also a sense that it never really knows what it's trying to be Bourne or Bond, it ends up being neither.

Minh V (br) wrote: I think this film is underrated. I didn't expect much but it was a pleasant surprise. It's gritty, some what unsettling, and raw with emotions. It might start slow but it rewards those who're patient. Considering the premise - the dangerous line of work and the thin boundary an informant has to walk, it's not inappropriate for it to be dark and I wasn't turned off by the ending. I wasn't in for a Disney ending from the start. I think it's more realistic and all the build ups channeled well to the end. It's emotional and you get to see from both sides and their unspoken rationales and they're both right in their own respect and sometimes there's nothing more they can do. I was drawn into the dilemma, the unsettling conscience, the consequences of one's action, the fear, the adrenaline rush, the pressure, the guilt etc. The action sequence is not nice and pretty like that of Jackie Chan's. It's honest, brutal, and it's real, and it's scary because that's how things are settle on the street in the East. There's no hero; you've just got to do what you've gotta do. A good film in my book.

Erik S (nl) wrote: One of the most gruesome gory movies I have ever seen! Probably wouldn't have picked it up if Joe had'nt desensitized me a bit to the underground horror/slasher film scene. If you are into the extreme gore, extreme gruesomeness, and snuff like kind of films, definitely rent it. If not stay far away!!! Had parts that even made me cringe, and I have seen some very messed up stuff.

Matthew H (nl) wrote: Average fare floating in the sea of washed away movies. It tried to be like James Bond, but was so patted with kid gloves and bubble wrap around the edges that it came off as too overprotective, like the kind of movie a kid's mom would suggest instead when he/she wanted to see Skyfall.

explodingboy1989 (mx) wrote: Unless a JCVD movie is REALLY shitty, I give it two stars by default just by virtue of the fact that it's my favorite kickboxing, split-doing belgian- just letting you know that, my reviews may be a little biased. However, this offering from da man and Sheldon Lettich (writer of Bloodsport, and director of Lionheart, Only the Strong, and Double Impact) is just tired and mediocre. Van Damme is out of place here, and you can sense he's just not comfortable in the role. I guess this was their attempt @ putting Van Damme in an urban Steven Seagal setting. The problem is, those movies only really work when the lead actor is a sweaty, ebonics-speaking, out-of-shape, dubbed guy from michigan wearing long leather trench-coats to cover up his gut, and with two hundred stunt doubles doing his fighting for him. It doesn't work for JCVD. The gangster rapper baddie is funny- he's obviously based on Suge Knight and DMX, with all the pit bulls and stuff, but he's not enough to elevate this to "so-bad-it's good," as it is, it's just mostly boring. Vivica A. Fox does well with her role, but it's not like she's a Glenn Close acting-wise to begin with. There is one stand-out fight scene, between Van Damme and the boxer he's protecting; it comes off as very Lionheart-esque (if I may coin a phrase), but it's not like it's the brightest spot in JCVD's DTV career in years. Overall, unless you're a Van Damme completist like me (this is the only movie of his I hadn't seen), skip it and rent 'Universal Soldier' or 'Sudden Death' instead.

Chantal M (de) wrote: Un film que j'ai souvent presente aux groupes de jeunes ou je devais intervenir. Ca remet les choses en perspective...

Ash J (de) wrote: Predictability shows its ugly head far too often in this Scifi epic gone wrong.

Alexis D (de) wrote: While the film boast sleeker and cleaner animation it is a severe downgrade in terms of storytelling compared to it's predecessor. While the original 1981 film focused on a series of stories bridged together by a common element (the Loc-Nar) this film focuses solely on one overly drawn out, poorly written plot. The films soundtrack is also lacking compared to the previous and is more noise than anything. The voice acting also suffers with actors, Billy Idol aside, sounding monotonous when delevering lines. Overall there is little here that will attract fans of the previous and those looking for an animated sci-fi should look elsewhere.

David B (de) wrote: It's like Manufactured Landscapes meets the human study aspects of Koyannisqatsi... this film is a cross-section of the mass production food industries... there's barely any dialogue, and what dialogue there is is virtually indecipherable. There's not really even any sort of narrative to the piece, leaving it to the viewer to make up their own mind about what's going on. A Monsanto executive could be as satisfied as a PETA Vegan with what is depicted. Some images surprise, others are expected. While many would think you'd come out of this a vegetarian, the only resolve I came to is that I'll think twice about eating non-organic sunflower seeds again! I've studied this issue, and seen much of this on youtube - but I'm glad this film has been made. It should be in every middle-school and high school library.

Robyn M (ag) wrote: Today, the world around us may be changing by leaps and bounds, but as this film so aptly illustrates, this is nothing new; the world has always been, and always will be, in a constant state of flux, from one generation to the next. In `Holiday,' a delightful romantic comedy directed by George Cukor, a young man of thirty has some decisions to make about his life and love that are going to determine the course of his life. Holiday is delightful fun!

Matt B (au) wrote: Johnny Depp is absolutely FANTASTIC in Secret Window. Although I could kinda see the twist ending coming, it's creepily directed by David Koepp and easily entertaining.