The Road to Christmas

The Road to Christmas

High-powered fashion photographer Claire Jameson finds herself stranded in middle America on the way to her dream Christmas-time wedding in Aspen. Unable to get another flight or rent a car, Claire is reduced to begging for a ride. When the rugged former artist turned teacher, Tom Pullman and his 13-year old daughter Hilly kindly offer to take her, none of them realize that their journey is just beginning, and it will leave all of them in a very different place than where they began.

High-powered fashion photographer Claire Jameson finds herself stranded in middle America on the way to her dream Christmas-time wedding in Aspen. Unable to get another flight or rent a car... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Trevor F (ru) wrote: A extremely delightful film full to the brim with the wit and talent of Wes Anderson.

Kristin R (mx) wrote: This is one of the best low budget horror movies I've seen in awhile. I'm so used to the film they shoot with to resemble cheap home movies. This was shot with much higher quality than most. I didn't find the gore factor to be on the high end scale up until the end, but that makes sense given the nominal budget they had to work with. Frankly, the movie didn't require much given that the idea, the story itself and how things play out are pretty horrifying in itself. I love the dark humor aspect of some of these movies, and the crazy "see if they have a lighter" lady cracked me up. The guy who serves as the middle man is one of the scarier horror movie characters of late, treating humans like horses that need to be broken. The cold, twisted nature of a guy who looks like Santa Claus is quite effective. I agree with people who said the twist ending was completely not believable. It wasn't a wtf ending for me though ... more like a "oh, come ON" ending. ;) Other than that ... not bad at all.

Nicholas T (br) wrote: Great cast.. just got a bad direction.. and worst chemistry

Heather M (br) wrote: Probably going to have to pass on this one.

Robbie N (us) wrote: A very average film, it's simple juvenile humor at a low point. You may get some laughs in film, but really it's just a few good lines and a rather pointless script. The acting is pretty average to go along with it, but really Shaggy and Scooby really brought up this movie to it's feet, a few quirky lines, it becomes a fun, yet disappointing movie to add to the Scooby-Doo franchise, a great franchise at that.

Alexander C (us) wrote: No more dire sequels please?

Shane P (nl) wrote: Well we could want to watch this

Mr B (es) wrote: This is such a great film. It keeps you guessing up to the very end on whether or not Sam Sharpe is a swindler or not. Turns out he's not which is surprising because you really want to believe Renata's family for not liking him. The performances are what make this film worth the watch. It's also the first film to ever leave Roger Ebert speechless. Ha!

Alex G (jp) wrote: Literally perfect. This film has everything you could ever ask for. It is funny, smart, creative, different, and even scary. Most amazingly, this film is actually good. It actually blew me away. It has all the charm of Brazil intertwined with the writing of a Twilight Zone episode. This film has immediately shot up to one of my all time favorite horror films (both as a B-movie and a regular horror film). There is truly nothing like it.

Vadim D (jp) wrote: This is great 80s nostalgia film with some funny, charming, and amusing characters. Still holds up 30 years later

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Ollie N (gb) wrote: This is hilarious! Ok, the "frogs" are cane toads and the frog "ribbits" are dubbed in. Nevertheless the "mad as hell" "frogs" are adorable! And I've never seen anyone "ribbitted" to death before.

Justin Z (nl) wrote: It glorifies drugs and drug dealing.

Johnny L (mx) wrote: Ambitious attempt at metaphor flops.