The Robbery of the Third Reich

The Robbery of the Third Reich

Story is set in World War 2 period, and shows life of two robbers in a war time.

During 1941 in Belgrade, two well-known thieves try to carry out the biggest robbery of Nazi authorities ever. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Robbery of the Third Reich torrent reviews

Justin A (au) wrote: I wanted to turn this movie off about 30 seconds in and it just got worse and worse from there. Incredibly predictable and formulaic. You can figure out the killer the second he is introduced. The ending gets convoluted, and no one's motivations are clear. Plus, everyone is a bitch. There are just degrees to how bitchy they are. There's mega bitch, stupid bitch, naive bitch, skanky bitch, judgmental bitch, and so on and so forth. Why am I supposed to care when any of them get killed? There is very little suspense until near the end and most of the kills happen quickly with little inspiration behind them.This would have been so much better if (like the original movie) it was sort of comedic. The unique thing about the original was that it was sort of a goofy, dark comedy (like Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead) and became a really atmospheric slasher towards the end. This remake has nothing going for it. Nothing to make it stand out from many of the post-Scream era slashers. It's not even really a remake, so there's no point watching it for that. Basically, like most slashers and remakes, it's a pointless waste of time. And not a good one at that.

Brad S (ca) wrote: A very powerful film on abortion which handles the subject matter fairly evenly, at it it gives both sides an opportunity to present their case. There are some interesting point from both sides, but a lot of the commentary coming from the "pro-lifers" is from religious fanatics so it makes it really hard to fully side with them as at best they are hypocritical, and at worst they are insane and dangerous murderers.There is some very strong/graphic imagery, so this is not for everyone. i found it to be a very powerful and interesting film that again reminded me how happy I am to live in Canada.Technically, the film is very well made, beautiful cinematography and excellent music choices, that verge on manipulative, but I still felt worked. it was directed by the director of "American History X". Worth checking out if you can handle the intense subject matter and imagery.

Unique D (es) wrote: A lot better then I thought it would be...

Michael T (mx) wrote: I seen this for the first time yesterday and it is the best film I have seen in 2 years at least. The acting in this film was very good especially by the actor playing Long. I recommend everyone should have a look at this film even though there is flashbacks that don't seem to tie in with the film the acting is outstanding by all involved. This film really needs to be seen by more its a sad reality where jackass2 and dude where's my car gets shown in mainstream cinemas and we miss out on a gem like this

Pter S (es) wrote: Quite liked this movie, and I still like it.

James W (it) wrote: One of the funniest I've ever seen. I saw this movie years ago and I just re-watched it. I couldn't resist with what I call the Election from Hell that is happening this coming Tuesday. This is a wicked satire about a high school election. A young Reese Witherspoon plays Tracy Flick an overachiever to end all overachievers (possibly Hilary Clinton started off like this to some degree) who hopes to become student body president of her high school. But not if history teacher Jim McCallister can help it. He has a grudge against Tracy (and he also lusts after her) because she had an affair with another teacher who he was good friends, with, who lost his job because of it and wrecked his marriage because of it. McCallister's own marriage is having difficulties as well. He cons the nice but dumb injured jock to run against her. Then the jock's younger lesbian sister runs for it too causing all kinds of chaos. I recommend for those who like edgy comedies.

Robin D (br) wrote: This is the sickest thing I've ever seen.

Gregory C (br) wrote: easily the most accessible of any of the cassavetes stuff i've seen and it's still totally crazy. supposedly cassavetes considered this movie a fairy tale and, in the sense of love conquering all, it kinda is. it's just a really loud, obnoxious one. i was surprised to be actually kinda happy at the end. i would consider this a good starting point for someone who's unfamiliar with cassavetes' work.

Alissa V (gb) wrote: I Liked Some Of It Before. And I Liked What I Saw Today.

Christopher S (kr) wrote: Almost no actual story here. The idea of this movie is a lot funnier than it actually is. Shameless old timer propoganda. Its as silly as possible without ever being funny.

Mallory A (mx) wrote: this is really pathetic...

Micki B (jp) wrote: Very funny and it starred all my favorites. Total silliness but in a good way. The plot was full of holes but it was entertaining. I laughed all the way through.

Claudia G (ag) wrote: love does not cure lycanthropy!!!