The Rocket from Calabuch

The Rocket from Calabuch

Professor Hamilton, a naive Nuclear scientist who once thought bombs were good for humanity, realizes his mistake and runs away from his inventions. He hides in Calabuch, a beautiful seaside town where people still believe in humor and friendship.

Teacher Hamilton, a navie wise who thought bombs were good for humanity, when found out his mistake, runned away and took with him his inventions. He hided in Calabuch, a beautifull town where people still believe in humor and friendship and wait death as an old friend who comes without rush. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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mac m (jp) wrote: This is perhaps not the sort of film I would normally seek out. It took a while for the story and the characters to grab me and take me into their world. However, when this happened, I found the story to be believable and it felt to me naturalistic. It is apparently a low-budget film but the look and pacing of the shots gave it the air of something on a higher budget. It was perhaps 20 minutes too long, with an ending that could have been told more succinctly. That said, I appreciated the craft and storytelling of this British film set in Tuscany. Dan Spurr

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