The Roommate

The Roommate

When Sara (Minka Kelly), a young design student from Iowa, arrives for college in Los Angeles, she is eager to fit in and get to know the big city. Her wealthy roommate, Rebecca (Leighton Meester), is more than eager to take Sara under her wing and show her the ropes. The two become close, but when Sara begins to branch out and make more friends on campus, Rebecca becomes resentful. Alarmed, Sara moves in with her new boyfriend, causing Rebecca's behavior to take a violent turn.

The movie follows a deranged college freshman who becomes obsessed with her new roommate and tries her best to drive away anyone who could come between them. She is obsessive, unbalanced… and maybe even a killer! . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chris G (nl) wrote: Over the top, stylish revenge story that will stick with you for days

Jon C (kr) wrote: for 1/3/11: simple and straightforward crime-story about one of the most notorious online predators this is the definition of staying safe and avoiding total strangers on the Internet at points you do kinda feel sorry for the guy but in reality you know he gets what he deserves no sympathy is really needed except for his victims and you can only imagine the amount of pressure and torment his girlfriend was at the time discovering the truth of it all it ends not with a wimper but something to think about

Nick P (mx) wrote: I try not to insult the viewers, but if you thought this film was good, you need to work on some IQ building exercises. As if the acting wasn't horrifying enough, they had a TERRIBLE script that made absolutely no sense to work with. Doesn't even have "originality" going for it. What a waste of decent production value. Sad part is...I've seen worse.

Joel D (mx) wrote: Masterpiece! Es como si cambiaran a Bardem por una goma en "No country for Old Men".Mi parte favorita es cuando se va en itrospeccion y recuerda sus dias de goma de carro. The good old days.

Andrew M (gb) wrote: The Change-Up is a brilliant and entertaining movie. Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds are hilarious together. This movie is hilarious and the plot is amazing. I would very much suggest this movie.

James B (es) wrote: The only good thing about this movie is that it wasn't very long. Watchin reruns of "Sanford & Sons" would have been a better choice for the 1 hr. 12 min. though. This is pretty bad.

Varun P (br) wrote: Music is good..elsee.. No way..

D B (de) wrote: ight...x was kinda narratin type shit

Austin F (jp) wrote: 87% Despite laughable CGI zombies, I am legend benefits from Will Smith's incredible performance and is an engaging survival story.

Tim C (gb) wrote: I love this movie that most people haven't heard of. Savion is a great dancer, and the acting is superb, especially Davidson's monologue towards the middle.

Clifford L (ru) wrote: Director Chen has been spiraling downward after "Farewell My Concubine". Try "Billy Elliot" instead.

Yuri B (it) wrote: The single most hilarious thing I had ever seen at that time... I was floored... it made some careers also.

Stuart K (es) wrote: After Gus Van Sant found success with My Own Private Idaho (1991), New Line Cinema gave him freedom to do whatever he wanted for a follow-up. However, he went for a 1976 novel by Tom Robbins that had been branded as unfilmable. However, Van Sant wanted to prove everyone wrong. He had something to prove alright, but the film is a confusing, dull mess. Set in the 1970's, it has model Sissy Hankshaw (Uma Thurman), with a mutation that has given her gigantic thumbs. She uses the thumbs to hitch-hike across America. However, she gets a job through her friend friend The Countess (John Hurt, like Quentin Crisp crossed with Julian Clary), which takes her to a ranch out in California to film a commercial amid a load of mating whooping cranes. However, at the ranch, Sissy befriends Bonanza Jellybean (Rain Phoenix), who leads a rebellion against the the management, and take over the ranch, that's when the police come in, and Sissy has second thoughts about her giant thumbs. Alot of the film doesn't make sense, and it seems Van Sant bit off more than he could chew with this one, (it was delayed for a year after abysmal advance screenings, so it was re-edited to heck). Despite having a brilliant score by k.d. lang, the film is colourful but cold, and even it's cast including Pat Morita, Keanu Reeves, Grace Zabriskie, Roseanne Arnold, Heather Graham, Udo Kier, Ed Begley, Jr., Sean Young, Buck Henry, Carol Kane and Crispin Glover can't save it. Van Sant was cautious after this.

Oscar O (de) wrote: siempre me ha gustado el nombre Leopoldo

Mike M (jp) wrote: A somewhat disjointed yet ultimately intriguing film, Bogdanovich's first feature - TARGETS - is highlighted by the last great performance of Karloff's career - basically playing himself (under the pseudonym Byron Orlok). As an aging actor simply wishing to retire, Karloff eventually finds himself in the cross hairs of a killer in the midst of a wild shooting spree - and confronts his own mortality in the process. The story behind the movie is as intriguing as the feature, as Bogdonivich explains in a mini-doc contained on the DVD (including why 20 minutes of screen time is devoted to snippets from the Roger Corman work, The Terror). A shining example of how making a good movie can be done - even on such a limited budget and resources. Particularly recommended for those would-be filmmakers among us.

Heather M (mx) wrote: The dialogue is sharp, the acting and directing superb. It's a comedic gem that represents the Golden Era of Hollywood at its peak.

John O (fr) wrote: My favorite part of this film has got to be the throwback to the Thunderball Jetpack in Q's lab. Again, a very far fetched villain. Decent otherwise.

Max G (ag) wrote: This movie actually screwed up my mental state. It is the most unsettling movie I have seen for a very long time. The excellent direction increased the tension by 100 times. I know why the user ratings are so low and it makes me sick how people would dislike an extremely scary movie because they measure how scary a horror movie is by how many times something jumps out and makes a loud noise. This is exactly why a truly terrifying horror film is hard to come by these days.

Harsh C (de) wrote: If only the cops could shoot straight they could have put an end to this dreadful romance drama much sooner

neil L (ca) wrote: A great one, my favourite Schwarzenegger