The Rose King

The Rose King

A mentally unstable woman and her son move to a sprawling mansion in Portugal to grow roses.

Released in English-speaking countries as The Rose King, the German Der Rosenkonig is another of director Wern Schroeter's self-indulgent studies of intense, artistically expressed human passion. The scene is a large Portuguese estate. Still-beauteous widow Magdalene Montezuma lives in empty luxury on the estate with her son. This close familial relationship is shaken up, but ultimately strengthened, by the arrival of a low-born laborer. Director Schroeter unfolds his tale with the slightly surreal logic of a midsummer daydream. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gav R (de) wrote: why so low score? the ending is ridiculous... check the mirror crack on the playback, it's not there so makes no sense of flashback

Mikey P (ru) wrote: horrible and annoying, i couldn't wait for it to end.

eliabeth t (gb) wrote: Too ponderous and too many themes, or was it about the scenery, or the music or radio cab or, or....too bad Chadwick Boseman -- sensitive actor

Gissele I (es) wrote: I think it could have had potential someone should remake It with better actors and a better storyline

Asif K (it) wrote: A romantic and sweet teen flick, a good movie but lengthy and a weak screenplay.

angelina (gb) wrote: Very good documentary. Ami is an inspiration!

Reyhan E (kr) wrote: sebagai road movie, tergolong bagus. sebagai film religi, memberi makna tersendiri. jarang ada film yang dalam kaya gini,

MEC r (mx) wrote: This movie is ok. Nothing that spectacular though.

Stephen K (ru) wrote: I think this is supposed to be a provocative look at girl-on-girl sexual assault. It's mostly just an oddity of cheap call-all-your-favors-in cinema.

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Darrin C (jp) wrote: I thought this was a well-done Action for the 1990s almost rooted in Western style that pitted 2 rural White firemen against urban Black thugs and didn't really take away from either set. It provided sort of a culture shock for the firemen with okay acting, a fairly original plot, and lots of gunplay.

Robin M (jp) wrote: Donohoe does brighten the film with loads of nudity, so fans of Emmerdale may want to watch it

Julio S (ru) wrote: Definitely not expected. That's usually good, but I just couldnt get into this. I pretty much stuck around for Patricia Tallman - after that it went downhill. I just didnt care about these characters because I couldn't tell if anyone other than Morgan was sane.Only 2 1/2 stars because if I gave it a 3 it would mean I wouldnt mind watching it again.

Andrew D (fr) wrote: Over-the-top directing and acting and absurd writing, but some nice ideas and cinematography.

Greg M (de) wrote: if you love watching three sweaty people walk across a desert for three hours you are going to love this film, nothing else really happens

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Cody C (mx) wrote: Holds up remarkably well. Cheesy, yes, but this movie really does work for the most part. And here and there some of the effects still look good. And even though the premise is retarded they actually explain it well enough that it makes sense.

Chuck J (br) wrote: Always crack up, one of the funniest movies I love to watch over & over!! I need to laugh & feel better I pop this in the DVD player!!

Natalie M (nl) wrote: An interesting film with some important concepts, but it lost its way every once in awhile.