The Rose on His Arm

The Rose on His Arm

Ignoring the protests of his working-class mother, a young man becomes wrapped up in the world of delinquents and yakuza.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:85 minutes
  • Release:1956
  • Language:Japanese
  • Reference:Imdb
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Ignoring the protests of his working-class mother, a young man becomes wrapped up in the world of delinquents and yakuza. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Rose on His Arm torrent reviews

Dave H (kr) wrote: I prefer this to the Lego Movie

Ivan P (nl) wrote: Movie implies we should feel sorry for them not being able to walk freely down the street. Like someone is forcing them to be in the profession they have choosen.

JY S (kr) wrote: Anders Banke's Newsmakers gives Russia a suitable enough entry into the crime drama genre.Closely based off of the Johnnie To film, Breaking News, the story contains a little twist to the cops and robbers concept by heavily involving the media as a third player. This brings something different to the table, although the overall tone of the movie is disrupted by the way it is handled. There is a little too much emphasis on the use of "creating a show."The action sequences are a positive. The shootouts are well-crafted, lengthy, and spread out throughout the entire picture. The sound effects for the guns also provide that extra kick to the battles.The acting is acceptable all around, but a number of characters lack sufficient development to really mean anything. Mariya Mashkova probably gets the most build up, but she isn't entirely likable. Andrey Merzlikin and Yevgeni Tsyganov end up with the other notable characters of the film.Newsmakers has the action and an interesting concept with the story. It doesn't come across as an extraordinary piece of work, but it is a watchable film out of Russia.

atul m (us) wrote: wat a load of crap... started as a total flop ended like one... strictly advisable do not watch this movie.. even if ur expecting zombies u wnt get none... the dumbest of all dumbest movies...

Rachel C (nl) wrote: sounds like it has potential

Joshua L (nl) wrote: interesting and well written

Caleb C (de) wrote: pretty funny in some parts. Not bad.

Ashley T (ru) wrote: I have to wonder how such talented and famous actors found their way into this pointless movie. They aren't given much to work with in the insufferably dull script, and the amateurish direction makes it damn near unwatchable. Talk about bad zooming! Could have been slightly more interesting with better behind-the-camera craftwork and some serious rewrites.

Alexander C (ag) wrote: What is this ? sounds compelling?

cli o (mx) wrote: no thanks not my thing

Clare S (kr) wrote: It starts well and Blunt and Segal have great chemistry. However, you'll struggle to get a laugh after the first 10 minutes. It's extremely disappointing and surprisingly sexist.

Dimitri S (de) wrote: It's a really good action movie.A love this movie.Great action.Great story.For me it's the second best movie with Wesley Snipes.The best movie from David Carson.