The Ruins

The Ruins

A group of friends whose leisurely Mexican holiday takes a turn for the worse when they, along with a fellow tourist embark on a remote archaeological dig in the jungle, where something evil lives among the ruins

A group of friends become entangled in a brutal struggle for survival after visiting a remote archaeological dig in the Mexican jungle - where they discover something deadly living among the ruins. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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ZShan K (jp) wrote: emraan is the superstar, period

Velmina C (au) wrote: More suited for little kids

Robert B (br) wrote: Wild Seven (James Hausler, 2006)Almost every review I have read of Wild Seven in the few days since I watched it has pointed out the same thing: this is a Tarantino rip-off. So I figure I'll get it out of the way in the first sentence, and then follow it up with a hearty "so what?". Hausler may have come up with the pulp-free version of Pulp Fiction, but that makes Wild Seven no less fun, entertaining, and worth watching.Now, I grant you, the movie starts off with, arguably, the stupidest scene I've ever seen in a heist film: Petey (Tyler Parkinson, better known as a composer/recordist on such films as Warrior and The Crazies), Buckley (Hausler), and Conner (Hausler regular Christopher M. Clark) are about to rob a bank. So they get out of the car, stand in front of the front door-guns in plain sight, mind you-and put on their bandanas. By the end of that shot, I was ready to call this movie a failure and get on with my life, but then we get the next shot, which finishes the opening sequence, and I said "okay, I'm willing to give this another chance". Then we get the main titles, blah blah blah, and we kick off the second story, which runs parallel to the first. It deals with Wilson (Alligator's Robert Forster, in the meastiest screen role he's had in at least a decade), just released from prison after a long stretch he did after being framed. He is met outside the gates by counselor/ex-con Lee Marvin (Richard Roundtree), and not five minutes goes by before Wilson has proposed a heist: one in which Wilson and Lee are only players who exist to set up Mackey (Robert Loggia), the guy who framed Wilson back in the day. Meanwhile, our trio of incompetens from the opening sequences, along with their pals Nick (Zev Stern in his only screen appearance to date) and Phillip (Come Away with Me's Michael Mandell), plot their own heist. It quickly becomes obvious that the two bands of crooks are planning on holding up the same bank, on the same day, at the same time...It's quick, it's sharp, it's funny, and okay, Hausler doesn't have Quentin Tarantino's ear for dialogue, but no one in OR out of Hollywood has Quentin Tarantino's ear for dialogue. Forster, Roundtree, and Loggia are all top-class genre-film actors who still have chops, but haven't had the wide-open spaces in which to exercise them for quite a while; all three were obviously having a ball making this movie, and the movie is the better for it. In contrast, Hausler and his second-story men are less accomplished, and those sequences of the film suffer in comparison, but they do credible work; no one would be complaining about the bad acting in the young-guy sequences were it not being compared with Forster, Roundtree, and Loggia (and really, who COULD compare in that demographic?). It's obviously low-budget, and once you've figured out the mechanics of the thing you'll probably have a good idea of where it's all going, but the setup is good enough that you probably won't care. This is a movie far superior to its current IMDB rating, which is under 5 as I write this; very worth your time if you're a fan of the gangster/heist comedy. *** 1/2

Alec B (jp) wrote: The film's merits extend way beyond it's (probably accidental) prophetic vision of what reality television is today as it's also one of the most cynical and vicious comedies ever made. Brooks' performance is perhaps the best and most unflattering in the history of people playing themselves in a film.

Amor (ag) wrote: Gabrielle Union was awesome in this movie! and I love how he won her heart in the end :)

michelle v (jp) wrote: I adored this movie cause it was so mushy and romantic. just like me.

Chris C (de) wrote: Robocop vs Robo-Ninjas

Jacob L (jp) wrote: This movie is horrible. At one point two women are driving through a lightning storm when a windows brakes. They decide it is too difficult to drive in a lightning storm with a broken window so they get out of the car to try and get a ride from someone. Since when was it safer to leave the car? Horrible.

Randy P (mx) wrote: Other then the fact that the evil goes across a town and inside a night club, this is where the Hellraiser series went to hell. Pardon the pun.

Shawn S (nl) wrote: Over-the-top, ridiculous fun!

Tylor B (ru) wrote: saw it n school very interesting n i liked it

Muhammad K (gb) wrote: Classic comedy , dolphin scenes were very funny .

Allan C (gb) wrote: My favorite "Die Hard" clone has Kurt Russell as the John McClane figure on a plane and trying to rescue it from terrorists. Ace action film editor Stuart Baird (working on everything from "Lethal Weapon" to "Skyfall") made his directorial debut with this film and went on to only direct two more films, which were equally good (The underrated sequel to "The Fugitive" "US Marshalls" and "Star Trek: Nemesis"), so I've always wondered why he didn't direct any others when these films were all solid action flicks that were commercially successful. The story is pretty simple. Terrorists take over a plane and plan to crash the plane in Washington DC, which is filled with a deadly gas bomb, but analysts Kurt Russell and special forces team leader Steven Seagal are snuck on board the plane (while still in flight) and then scheme to stop the terrorists. Halle Berry (back when I thought she was cool) and Marla Maples play flight attendants and John Leguizamo, Oliver Platt, Joe Morton, BD Wong play part of the team snuck on board the plane and J.T. Walsh plays a congressman on the plane. Jerry Goldsmith provides one of his masculine scores, this one reminded me a lot of his score to "Twilights Last Gleaming." Alex Thomson provided the crisp photography. The scrip is by Jim Thomas and John Thomas, who also wrote the original "Predator." The main weakness of the film is the final act of the film, which seemed unnecessary and made the film seem a bit overlong and something out of an old Airpot film. SPOILER ALERT! But I always thought the coolest part of this film was that Steven Segal, right at the peak of his popularity, appeared in this film as the films hero, but is quickly killed off, leaving Russell to take over the lead. This was a great bait and switch when the film was first released in theaters that is somewhat lost on people now, since Segal is nowhere on the film's cover art or even named in the credits. However, when the film was released in theaters, Segal was prominently featured in the previews and received equal space on the the film's theatrical poster, which made is a terrific surprise when he's killed off. This is a film that I always thought was something of an underrated action flick.

Marcos S (br) wrote: Encontra sua fora na construo de personagens e nas performances absolutamente perfeitas de Keach, Bridges e Tyrrell!

Danny M (au) wrote: Great film. Love these films. Ain't seen for years, look Forward to seeing 2,3 and 4

Tim H (ru) wrote: Fabulous first film for director/writer Brian Decubellis. Solid in every department.