The Rules of Attraction

The Rules of Attraction

The incredibly spoiled and overprivileged students of Camden College are a backdrop for an unusual love triangle between a drug dealer, a virgin and a bisexual classmate.

The incredibly spoiled and overprivileged students of Camden College are a backdrop for an unusual love triangle between a drug dealer, a virgin and a bisexual classmate. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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SpotlightReport A (ca) wrote: Relationships in this film aren't as strongly developed as they could be, resulting in it being a little difficult for an audience to really engage and empathise with the central characters. That said, this is an accurate depiction of bullying and victimisation in the age of instant communication and social networking.

Christina M (kr) wrote: This is one of my most favorite films. What a beautiful and powerful journey.

Shaun B (fr) wrote: "Smash"ing animation team-ups. Lotsa fun.

Dean M (kr) wrote: Very boring, strange, confused and ridiculous story that takes us deep into the underbelly of the illicit and financially lucrative world of 3-D animated pornography. Connie Nielsen, or her character, is in focus of the movie. And she does somewhat of a good job trying to keep it together. But it must be hard when the director intentionally cuts crucial parts of the story, leaving the audience guessing, and the character development nonexistent. Instead we get unmotivated scenes with porn or nudity.

Becs D (kr) wrote: The underbelly of Hollywood, from the casting couch all the way to the making of snuff films make this investigation unique. This is storyline driven so Nick Cage being the star throws off his usual type of movies.

evelyn c (ag) wrote: This was not my favorite movie, but I did enjoy it.

April W (es) wrote: This movie was well done. Acting wise it was great and the story line was touching.

Vance M (fr) wrote: This months movie review for December 2013 is Out for Justice with Steven Seagal that came out in the year 1991. This a classic Steven Seagal movie with a lot of MMA action. I grew up watch watching Steven Seagal movies. This is one good. I think that Steven Seagal is a lot better than Jean Claude Van Damme movies. Some Van Damme movies are stupid. I think that Under Siege is the best movie Steven Seagal ever made and actored. AMC played a lot of Steven Seagal movies recently and I saw all of them. I give this movie two thumbs up. 4 and half stars.

Blake P (au) wrote: Pretty good movie! Garbo plays Queen Christina, a rebellious woman who dresses up as a boy to get away from it all. One day on one of her adventures as a boy, she helps a royal Antonio (Gilbert) and his other travelers out from a ditch in the snow. Soon later, Christina goes to an inn to stay for a night. There, she meets Antonio again. They spend the night in the same room, when he finds out shes really a girl. They fall in love, but all the people in her castle disapprove of her relationship with this foreigner. This movie starts off extremely slowly, but it gets exciting once Christina starts to deal with her country. This movie is good, but nothing compared to Ninotchka or Grand Hotel for that matter. However Garbos performance is incredible, and will leave you stunned (which isnt so shocking come from her), and even though John Gilberts performance is wooden, that doesnt not slow the film down one bit. The set design is beautiful and the directional work is great, as well as the stunning camera work that gets just beautiful close- ups of the gorgeous Garbo. Queen Christina is a work of art, and any fan of movies will enjoy it in some way.

Aaron M (de) wrote: This is the first movie I have seen in the franchise and boy is it weird. Its definately not scary in anyway yet funny and gory it certainly is. It pretty much laughs at itself and is so bizarre you can't take your eyes off it.You don't really care for the characters and its almost impossible to say why its enjoyable. It seems the Chucky movies are very tongue in cheek but its something different to indulge in and I look forward to watching its sequels.

Bjorn O (gb) wrote: Trevlig skrckis men syradrmscener, inte obehaglig eller lskig men mysig och smfin.

Kelly B (kr) wrote: this movie broke me in so many ways

Ky K (br) wrote: Greenberg is a travel over the thin line between humor and pain. Ben Stiller and Greta Gerwig did a good job together.

Blake B (fr) wrote: George Clooney tries his hand at directing in this fantastic political drama. The Ides of March is a sophisticated, smart, pulse-pounding film that leaves you breathless as the credits roll. The subtlety of the film is a great example of less is most definitely more. A marvelous cast, with a marvelous script makes for one marvelous film.

Bert S (mx) wrote: Classic, little known film noir that used Bisbee as it's backdrop.