The Russian Revolution

The Russian Revolution

Beginning in 1881 this documentary tracks the downfall of the Romanov dynasty and the evolution of Lenin's Ulyanov family, from the terroristic acts and subsequent hanging of his brother to his own hunger for a revolution.

Beginning in 1881 this short yet comprehensive documentary tracks the downfall of the Romanov dynasty and the evolution of Lenin's Ulyanov family| from the
terroristic acts and subsequent hanging of his brother to his own hunger for a revolution. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Clint S (ca) wrote: stylischer Film am besten gesehen in nem Kino von der alten Schule #Roxy Dortmund

Kristie H (it) wrote: Derek Jacobi's performances are the saving grace of this film (because he is captivating and fantastic). The script was inconsistent between the current version and the story within the story. The script had many "light bulb goes on" moments, which was rather unfortunate, especially since the audience understood things before the characters. Also, there are a number of expressions that I didn't understand because the film was British. It's worth watching it once for Jacobi's acting though.

Natosha P (jp) wrote: I found this movie to be extremely funny. It is not a movie for an unopened minded person.

Maggie A (jp) wrote: Grizzly Rage, directed by David DeCoteau, earned one and half stars from me. The bear, villain in the story, was motivated to track down and kill four friends on a road trip because they ran over her cub. The first killing was plausible, but it was extremely hard to believe that the Grizzly would go so out of her way for three extra people. Aside from the unrealistic representation of the bear, the movie was not completely horrible. My expectation on effects and acting was pretty low due to lack of funds the movie had. It would have done better as a short film instead of a full length, as it had to stretch certain scenes to fill the time. The five-minute running montage, 6 minutes of climbing a mountain, and the ten-minute search of an abandon shack was completely unnecessary to the plot. The best, or only good, scene was the end. Unlike most thriller/scary movies, everyone died. It was an unexpected end and I enjoyed it.

Skip H (fr) wrote: How did this heap ever get released? Or, made for that matter. This ranks very close to the absolute worst movie I have ever scene. How this got anything resembling a decent review is dumbfounding.I found nothing at all redeaming about this movie and am saddened that I will never get back that hour & a half I wasted.

Andreas W (kr) wrote: Revisited: A Masterpiece

Michael P (us) wrote: Excellent drama based on characters rather than actiom

Era S (nl) wrote: osome movie!!!!!!!!!1

Doctor S (it) wrote: Decent vehicle for Misty playing a secret agent out to track down re-awakened ancient goddess of lust played by Russian crumpet Anoushka who has the power to destroy mankind - but at least it would go out smiling. Both Misty and Seduction Cinema have better and worse titles to offer. You can catch her in a similar but sexier role in Mummy Raider, and Seduction made a much funnier spy spoof starring Julian Wells with Cloak & Shag Her.

Donna L (es) wrote: Reminded me of OMEN. So so

Didier C (it) wrote: Une bonne petite comdie l'humour danois trs noir... Un film entre Sweeney Todd, Shallow Grave et the Last Supper. Et Mads Mikkelsen est toujours autant camlon...

Rick W (au) wrote: Only worth your time if you have absolutely nothing to do, you are an avid Samuel L Jackson, Sharon Stone, or Dustin Hoffman fan, and you've never seen The Abyss.

Eric B (us) wrote: "Live Flesh" has less visual style than most Pedro Almdovar films, but it has something even better: a good screenplay. Based on a 1986 novella, this melodrama revolves around five intertwined characters: two former police partners and their seductive wives, plus a desirable lad with a knack for stumbling into unhealthy situations.The film opens with a lengthy, pointless flashback to the latter's chaotic delivery, a segment which only seems to exist because Penelope Cruz was itching to do a childbirth scene. From there, Cruz exits and the story jumps ahead 20 years. Her now-grown son Victor wants a second chance with temporary fling Elena, but a gun-waving argument breaks out in her apartment. Policemen David and Sancho are sent to the scene, but David gets shot (and tragically paralyzed from the waist down).Convicted of the shooting, Victor goes to prison for six years. During this period, David marries the sympathetic Elena and also becomes an implausible superstar of wheelchair basketball. Meanwhile, Sancho's heavy drinking and fiery temperament continue to test his relationship with wife Clara.When Victor is finally released, he tracks down Elena and David for revenge. But his anger softens and, not knowing Clara's background, he ends up in a happenstance affair with her (he views her more as a sexual tutor than a romantic partner, much to her dismay). David discovers this secret, but puts off telling Sancho due to a longstanding conflict they share.Infidelities, passions and jealousies continue to bubble within the group, and of course these tensions build to an explosive climax.The story is flawlessly paced and structured beyond the indulgent opening, but the film's prime weapon is the young Javier Bardem as David. Even in a wheelchair, his magnetic intensity just devours the rest of the cast (and his maneuvering skills are quite polished, besides -- he must have practiced awhile).Film buffs who like to draw connections between Almodovar and Luis Bunuel will enjoy at least three explicit nods in "Live Flesh." "Rehearsal for a Crime" is showing on television in one scene, and a soundtrack tune mentions an Andalusian dog. But the most delightful touch is the casting of Clara -- it's Angela Molina, best known for co-starring in Bunuel's final film, "That Obscure Object of Desire." She is 20 years older but, yes, still desirable.

DC F (au) wrote: Somewhat entertaining, though it was racist trash that constantly made the White man look like the villain and I felt as dumb as an Ebonic educated hoodrat after it ended...

CJ C (it) wrote: See Wesley in the BLADE series instead.

Mo B (de) wrote: Rating: 83%Though not as thematically or deeply entertaining as its predecessors, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade still has gleefully sporadic action and excellent acting to look forward to.

Ashley C (kr) wrote: Terribly sad, but with a wonderfully honest and realistic attitude towards the period.

Glenn C (de) wrote: For any of you over 30, this might be a big flashback. In the late 70s when movies like Mad Max, The Long Weekend and Mad Dog Mordan (amongst others) were saturating Australian screens, Dot And The Kangaroo came along and offered the kids something uniquely Aussie. It's a wonderful film... really gorgeous. Animated against a live action backdrop and set in the Australian bush, it is based on the popular 1899 children's book about a young girl, Dot, who becomes lost in the bush and meets an assortment of animals. She befriends a big red kangaroo and together they search for Dot's home. I would describe it as an Australian answer to the Wizard of Oz combined with The Jungle Book. It's such a unique little movie and it's a shame that its been forgotten with time. Director Yoram Gross went on to direct 8 more Dot movies as well as other films (Blinky Bill) and some of these are available outside of Australia (absurd). My video transfer copy is grainy and aged.. I would love to see a delicious remastered release on dvd and/or bluray.

Ian C (it) wrote: This movie is famous for being the movie gangster John Dilinger saw right before he was killed. (It also won an Academy Award for Best Story, which I guess came before the Best Screenplay Oscars). It certainly lives up to its title as a melodrama, but some solid performances and the tough questions it asks made it a decent movie, as far as I'm concerned.The story revolves around two East Side kids who lose their families in a riverboat disaster, and then the man who takes them in is killed by police on horseback breaking up a riot. One of them, Jim Wade (William Powell) grows up to be an honest District Attorney, and the other, Edward "Blackie" Gallagher (Clark Gable) becomes a gangster. They manage to stay friends, and both fall for the same woman, Eleanor Packer (Myrna Loy). But circumstances force them all to make some genuinely tough choices with no easy answers.This was listed as a gangster movie on Netflix, but it's more a drama, with its focus solely on our three main characters, the choices they make and why they make them. There's nothing here that glorifies crime or violence, but it's not a simple "good vs. evil" story either. The characters are complex, and so are the dilemmas they've got to deal with. Acting-wise, this is old-fashioned acting, and again, somewhat over the top, but I bought it. Gable, Powell, and Loy were believable as the characters they were playing, doing the best job they could with what they had to work with, and that's really what counts in a performance above all else. It was also interesting to see these actors playing against type. I know Powell and Loy from the "Thin Man" movies, a series of detective comedies, all of which I've seen and enjoyed, (although the last was the weakest of the bunch), and Gable is an icon of the Golden Age of Hollywood. None of them were playing roles similar to anything else I've seen them in, and it's always interesting to see stuff like that. That's probably why I rated this movie as highly as I did.The movie does get preachy at times, and woefully melodramatic at times, so you'd probably need to be a seasoned veteran of movies from this time period to get into it. If you're willing to give it a shot, though, it's worth a rental.

Lucas F (fr) wrote: This movie isn't just bad, it's so bad that I don't think I can watch another shark movie