The Sandman

The Sandman

Two love birds fly out of the cuckoo's nest in a stirring Spanish romance of mad love and doomed passion.

Two love birds fly out of the cuckoo's nest in a stirring Spanish romance of mad love and doomed passion. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Inna F (ag) wrote: Made me smile the whole time. Really cute.

Georgette O (us) wrote: It's a beautiful film even though I wish the ending was different but I think that's why this film Is very special, I love there chemistry and the music this film has been added to some of my top picks !!!!

Amanda C (kr) wrote: fantastic look at the real Tibet. Made me want to join the protests.

Tyler M (it) wrote: Great cast, bad movie. A great cast! I love the three main characters here...I just don't love the movie... The Story: A former president of the United States moves to the little town of Mooseport, runs for mayor, and tries to steal the girlfriend of a local plumber...Oh, and the local plumber is also running for mayor...It's told in a semi-humorous fashion, the jokes are there, but the laughs aren't...The cast is there, but great acting isn't...The movie is there, but the viewers shouldn't be...There's not really much more to the story, when you break it down it's only the same stuff you've seen before, two guys want the same girl, and so they fight in a fairly childish manner...It's a premise that works when you have the writing and the cast, and there's other movies that prove it. The Cast: Gene Hackman, Ray Romano, Maura Tierney...This is a cast of hit or miss actors...3 hit actors and a supporting cast of miss actors. Gene Hackman is great! Great in other movies, same with Ray Romano, and Maura Tierney. There's other things that these actors all do better, Gene Hackman in Runaway Jury or The Royal Tenenbaums, Ray Romano in Everybody Loves Raymond or even Eulogy, and Maura Tierney in News Radio or ER. I didn't feel anything for any of the characters and ultimately didn't really even care who won or lost the election. The acting is better than the writing, but not by much. One to Five Scale: 2 I was bored throughout most of it. I wanted this to be great, I really really did, I was all excited to watch this because I'm a fan of the cast...The problem here, is that the movie just failed to engage me, and failed to make me laugh...If you want a movie with the same premise go get Rushmore, it's got better everything... Tyler

James H (br) wrote: 32/100. Typical Dolph Lundgren action movie, although he curiously more low key than usual. The plot is very predictable, the Russian accents are laughably bad and the plot is far fetched and, well, quite silly. But if you like pointless action scenes, mindless killing, plenty of explosions and bad dialogue, this is the movie for you.

Michael W (fr) wrote: Mankinds fate in hands of hotshot space pilots led by unappealing leads Prinze Jr and Lillard. Somewhat difficult to envision these kids thriving in a fast-paced fast-food environment, let alone defending planet Earth. Even fans of the video game apparantly disliked this.

Sion T (mx) wrote: excellent kookie film for 1st time director Alan Arkin. Theme is comedy love story in 70s NY where society is breaking down due to vast numbers of random unsolved murders

James C (ru) wrote: This Carry On relies far too much on the series' returning jokes and fails to make an amusing tale from the western influence.

Andy B (es) wrote: Two stars only bc some of the action scenes were good.