The Sannikov Land

The Sannikov Land


A group of people setting out to find a previously assumed land and upon reaching it, not knowing how to deal with the customs of the place, have to deal with all the consequences. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Sannikov Land torrent reviews

James K (kr) wrote: This movie was less war and more of a story of the French Resistance... It should have been called the French Resistance....

lisa s (ca) wrote: Only watch if a fan of Oliver Reed and Donald Pleasence.

Carlos S (ru) wrote: This movie epitomizes everything I dislike about Art House Cinema. Its slow, oh so slow, long, lingering shots of NOTHING for a minute, yawn... characters that are just not interesting, in fact, when it came to the "shock ending", I really wanted something bad to happen to them and what did, was not bad enough. He is just a slime-ball, she is overly emotional crazy person. This should have been called 29 Yawns, it would have described the first half, another 29 would have finished the film of. Like many art house directors, Dumont throws in "explicit sex scenes" which again, not that much. There is a sticker on the cover saying "The Film They Didn't Want You To See", I guess so that people didn't realise how dull it is. The only reason I have given it 2 stars is because at least it looks good. If you "enjoy" art house, you'll probably love it, 'cause thats the norm, anyone how knows what a good film is, or just wants to be entertained... pass.

Sumit K (fr) wrote: Bhaaag Arjun Bhaaag !!! If you don't jump off from your seat during this scene you're made of wood !

Hmr (ru) wrote: Bold and thought provoking...

Brett B (ag) wrote: Visually stylish, this film is - if nothing else - a testament to Ridley Scott's versatility; that he could jump from epic fantasy (LEGEND) to this, a harder-edged romantic thriller, really says something. The plot is pretty standard stuff, but the three leads are extremely relatable, guys like Katsulas and Orbach add to a fun supporting cast, and the movie's got a surprising sense of humor. It's dated (in fact, it feels downright chained to the 1980s), and there's nothing ground-breaking in here, but it's a good effort from Scott.

Pinaki B (de) wrote: You can't say he didn't try what Einstein shied from!

Luis S (br) wrote: Wierd combination of styles

Bradley G (de) wrote: I liked it a lot. David Lynch never makes any damn sense...but it makes little difference, in this film. Super creepy and a lot of fun. The music for this film was perfect. You can really lose yourself in this. Even if you read spoilers for the film...I think you would still be entertained, if you like weird stuff. One of Lynch's best...if not the best.

Bonsai F (gb) wrote: oh edie edie edie... how i love thee

Martin T (es) wrote: Enjoyable with a few noteworthy scenes and no flaws worth mentioning. Good domestic drama with light comic moments.

Ashley A (nl) wrote: "The best things in life are free"

Jesse F (ca) wrote: While Frances McDormand's performance is genuinely flawless, Fargo tries to go in the same vein as "SE7EN" and "Silence of the Lambs" and it fails horribly.

Neil F (jp) wrote: I am astonished that people did not like this film. I found it wonderful and honest. Laura Linney was phenomenal and luminous in her subtle way of being at once visible but also not...I guess,one needs to be old enough to appreciate the history of this film, the characterization of the people and the place and time. It was a gem of a film.

Ethan J (br) wrote: I love this movie, the actors are phenomenal and the idea is amazing I really love cars and this movie is beautiful

Ben D (br) wrote: Harmless children entertainment. It's nothing special, but no the worst thing ever either.

Calum F (de) wrote: Pretty avrage film this is. Good story also.

Lisa I (ca) wrote: cheesy awwwwwwwwww......