The Scalphunters

The Scalphunters

Trapper Joe is on his way to the town with all of his gain of hides of the last winter. However a group of Indians stops him and takes all of his hides, leaving him the escaped slave Joseph instead. But Joe has no use for Joseph and is determined to get his property back and follows them. Before he can do anything, the Indians are raided themselves by a group of scalphunters under the greedy Howie. Not only the hides, but also Joseph falls into their hands. Now Joe follows them alone and tries to trick the numerical superior group out of his hides

Forced to trade his valuable furs for a well-educated escaped slave, a rugged trapper vows to recover the pelts from the Indians and later the renegades that killed them. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Veronica T (us) wrote: I really like the plot, is not that scary, but is entertained. The acting is so good if we compare them to the majority of scary movies.

Brian R (gb) wrote: The special effects certainly havn't aged well, but it's still a fun ride. I liked the guys arriving on a river boat in suits, the lame dinoasaurs, and the hot cavewoman.

Richard H (gb) wrote: Yep, you knew youd find me here. Words cant describe this film to me its my muse, I love you richard

meg r (nl) wrote: Highly emotional document of personal tragedy during WWII.

Pedro d (kr) wrote: A modest but hilarious little Japanese comedy about a radio drama going awry. I suspect that's not very original to begin with, but the escalating plot craziness of the radio play and the frantic comic situations making fun of contemporary Japanese culture stand out on their own. Nice ensemble cast with an unrecognisable Ken Watanabe as a lorry driver.

steve g (gb) wrote: A original old movie ! Corny movie ahead of its time !

Miriam S (it) wrote: this a great film, cant even feel the length. its extemely controversial!!! lots of racism but with taste and gusto. BY FAR ONE OF MY ALL TIME FAVORITE FILMS

Carlos M (ru) wrote: I can't imagine how the directors could even think that this daring, realistic film would be approved by the Brazilian dictatorship when it was made, since it exposes a harsh truth like a television news story, with mostly improvised dialogue and non-professional actors.

Jonny P (ca) wrote: "Five Easy Pieces" was a total disappointment. Perhaps I had a false expectation after reading the synopsis, but that is no excuse to create a movie in which nothing really happens. I had so much hope that the story would use classical music as a means of understanding the characters' quirks or as redemption for one of them, but their musical fame had nothing to do with who they were or how the story play out. They could have been professional bowlers or card players for all we care, and the story would've worked out the same way. The biggest draw for this film is its interesting characters; unfortunately, they are unutilized. The story is composed of uneventful travel, random sex, and sporadic yelling instead of interesting character transformations. The performances of Jack Nicholson and Karen Black are impressive and their Oscar nominations are understandable, but I have a hard time rationalizing the nomination for Best Picture. Perhaps I just need to go watch "Music of the Heart" to get my fix of sentimental music journeys, but "Five Easy Pieces" left me wanting more.

MRFIERCE (kr) wrote: i think the was good not great but good i did'nt get bored and i think it was missing a little more stuff but it was good.

Garrett C (mx) wrote: There's nothing like watching a 60's movie that just revels in its inanity and goofiness. Even considering how much of this film was already stereotypical even at the time, it really does everything it can to be interesting at all times. Things winding down a bit? Make a doofus get in a relationship with a mermaid. Not enough action? Make a biker kidnap a girl and try to saw her in half. And make sure you have songs and corny jokes at all times!

Michael M (mx) wrote: It starts off so promising but as the movie continues you start to have less and less interest in finding out how it all turns out. The "big reveal" at the end is actually better then the movie itself but all in all, this was disappointing.