The Scarecrow

The Scarecrow

Buster competes with another farmhand for the love of the farmer's daughter.

Two inventive farmhands compete for the hand of the same girl. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Farah R (br) wrote: This movie is a perfect example of how widely misguided critics are. The Identical is as heartwarming as it is enjoyable; delivering great performances, outstanding music, and pleasant vintage aesthetics. I found myself loving every minute of the separated twins story and looked forward to how it would all conclude into a satisfactory happy ending.

JY S (gb) wrote: Soi Cheang's Motorway definitely lives up to its title.If there is anything lacking here, it's probably a little more story and plot detail because with a run time that never reaches 90 minutes, a lot of time is spent with cops chasing criminals in cars. That's not to say that this film isn't entertaining because it is, but there really is just enough plot to get by.The car sequences are filled with adrenaline with some nice camerawork and stunt driving to back it all up. The parking garage chase alone warrants attention.Shawn Yue is a little monotone with his performance, but it's good enough. Anthony Wong and Ka Tung Lam are no strangers to this type of film and fit in nicely. Barbie Hsu, Josie Ho, and Michelle Ye are the lovely ladies that show up as needed.There really is no secret to Motorway. It's just a drive through the park at high speed.

Rachael H (kr) wrote: more like a really low grade porn with really bad acting.

Michal G (us) wrote: Adle Haenel... quelle actrice poustoufflante en fille que personne n'aime.

Chris C (us) wrote: Pathetic waste of my time, rediculous story with an even stupider twist. Don't waste your time.

Gil G (fr) wrote: Not too shabby. Caught a few funny bits.

Jeff W (br) wrote: A ground breaking documentary about the renowned cinematographer Mark favorite part of this documentary was the amount of realness it had to it....nothing was polished over or removed...narrated by his son, who feels he is overshadowed by his father's accomplishments, who isn't afraid to piss his dad off and capture the true side of the famous filmmaker. Turns out, Mark Wexler is not only a bastard father and husband but a pain in the ass to work with....many directors commented that they would never work with him again.

Joel H (gb) wrote: Perfume: The Story of a Murderer is grotesque, with notes of beauty and brilliance. I just wish it didn't go off the deep end in the third act. It's intriguing and uniquely bizarre until that point. Dustin Hoffman is completely miscast, but everyone else seems to work. Plus, if they cut out all of the extended, close-up smelling scenes, this movie would be an hour shorter. I almost liked this movie.

Moe J (fr) wrote: I will admit that watching this movie was easier than reading the book. It was shorter, too. However, that does not mean that this is a good movie. It is bad. It has bad acting and it is not exciting. Also, they had dumb humor. There was one scene where a guy tries speaking to David in Italian, because he thinks David can't speak English. He tries asking for help, but says, ``My wine shop needs steak. Glug glug glug glug, ding!'' Two words on that scene: Epic failure. Like I said before, the action is stupid. The action is supposed to be exciting. Yet, this ``action'' lasts only 10 seconds. That is not good action. There was only one remotely good scene where David's friend dies. It was a reasonably well done scene. That did not save the movie. I hated the book. It was boring. Paul Feig, you did good work with Freaks and Geeks, but you did a bad job with I Am David. I guess it's not your fault, though. You didn't write the book.

HsiaoChun C (br) wrote: (TM)~,...

Jarrett M (us) wrote: So,while browsing the shelves at future shop looking for something new to watch, I stumble across this movie. Having never heard of it previously, I figure, what the hell, I'll give it a shot. It's looks interesting. Obviously low budget, but that's not always a bad thing. The movie takes place largely in one location; within the house. The actors playing the 2 brothers do a decent job, not ging over the top, and portraying the characters believably, evenif their acting is a little uneven. Far better than other comparable films. The atmosphere created by playing with light and shadows and the use f sound effects is what makes this movie an effective thriller. It isn't downright terrifying, but does have some creepy moments. The visual effects show the lowbudget nature of the film, but are buyable and the monsters are not overused or clearly visible for long portions of time which helps to make them effective. The story is interesting and relatable to most people who remember what it was like to be scared of what was lurking it the dark as a child. The story explores those monsters being actually real, rather than just existing in the overactive mind of a child. The pacing is good for the film, it never really gets bogged down at any point, but does have a few points where there long spaces between scares. At least it never really lets up with the creepy atmosphere. Not a movie that will redefine the genre, but a competant entry from a filmaker and cast that have a lot of potential. Worth a look if you're after something that isn't regular studio fare. And if you'd like to relive your childhood fear of the dark.

Nate P (de) wrote: My personal second favorite Star Trek movie, First Contact succeeds in improving upon its predecessor and it could easily win new fans.

Jason P (mx) wrote: One of my absolute fave films. Breezy, goofy, tawdry, chintzy fun - it's Army of Darkness before Army of Darkness. Bolstered by a smarmy, wise-ass performance by your new hero, John Terlesky. "...then dad got laid-off and things were tough for our family for a long time..." Utterly classic.

Tino R (es) wrote: I was entertained, the movie meant well and it was funny. But it's funny how not-black he looked lol.

Carlos I (it) wrote: Decent western. It seems confused between being an old fashioned moral tale and a gritty revisionist western. It also works a little too hard at its anti capital punishment message, and with its shoe-horned love story, it ends up feeling a little confused.

Martin T (mx) wrote: Semi-thrilling and somewhat interesting, but I didn't care about Jean Gabin that much. I bet the novel is better.

Francis M (au) wrote: There are a few places on this planet untarnished by humans and this film shows it in its full beauty.

Christopher M (gb) wrote: This isn't a spectacular film by any means - but it's a fun watch. The characters are interesting, and all have their little quirks - represented well by well-known actors now, who weren't back then. The story isn't overly complex, but actually drops a lot of future foreshadowing in terms of what life is like now for some people. Yes, there are kids that can code now, VERY WELL, and yes, corporate America reigns supreme. If you're looking for some quick entertainment, and the cyberpunk world interests you, definitely give this a watch.

George P (br) wrote: Ip Man as Ip Boy. Not quite as good as he original but some deep thoughts on Kung Fu nevertheless. The old man steals the show as he teaches Ip Man an unorthadox high kick.

Matt C (de) wrote: When it works, it works fine, but when it doesn't, it feels emotionally excessive and unrealistic, kind of like a made-for-TV movie. (In what world would a nationalist racist gang let a twelve-year-old join them, and then threaten storeowners and smoke blunts with him, ever?)