The Scarlet Claw

The Scarlet Claw

A woman is found dead -- with her throat torn out. Villagers blame a supernatural source but Holmes has other ideas.

Detective Sherlock Holmes (Basil Rathbone) and his trusty partner Dr. Watson (Nigel Bruce) travel to Quebec, Canada, where a gentlewoman is found dead with her throat torn out. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mike B (br) wrote: Unexciting and blends in with several other forgettable genre films. You've seen worse, but that isn't the goal, is it? The dialogue is cliched and stilted, sometimes a bit goofy. Some of the supporting acting was substandard. Watch SAFE HOUSE instead.

Michelle M (nl) wrote: Madonna must love Gogol Bordello as much as I do.

Rico B (au) wrote: Hilarious look at the modern art scene. I always wondered who paints those pictures in the dental office.

angel m (kr) wrote: I feel like the wife in this one All the cheating he dose right in front of her face and she is to blind to see what is THeir Their And Their ??? It is a fun ride ... Had to Nuke The Ole Popcorn for this one .. The mother in law is my fave I want to put her in my pocket .. Great Movie *

David S (fr) wrote: Swanson's brash, independent woman is too sinful for Lionel Barrymore's reformer in this adaptation of a Maugham tale. Both of the leads give wonderful performances, getting past what could have been one-note roles. The ending, in part because the reconstruction can't do it justice, and in part because what's there feels rushed, is unsatisfying.

Michael S (nl) wrote: Average terrorist/conspiracy thriller. The brutal violence is quite jarring (in a good way). But the storytelling is muddled, and the ending you can spot a mile away.

Joey S (fr) wrote: May of had a few too many watching this cause I found it to be a tough to follow