The Scenesters

The Scenesters

Someone is killing beautiful young Hipsters in East L.A. Charlie is a crime scene cleaner working for Aftershocks Inc. with a penchant for Sherlock Holmes type deduction. Wallace is an out-of-luck filmmaker working as a crime scene videographer. The detectives covering the murders are apathetic at best but with good names (Henry and Carlita, particularly Carlita). Good names, bad attitudes.

When a serial killer starts picking off beautiful young hipsters on the east side of Los Angeles, a group of crime scene videographers hatch a plan to catch him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kat S (ca) wrote: Such a random concept, but I must say it is memorable.

Stevenson M (gb) wrote: 1/3 of the way through and I already wanted to give it up. So boring. I did not expect anything from the beginning and still felt quite disappointed. It was telling the story with flashback but it was just a mess because the flashback did not really hookup with the present. It was just pieces of these and that... failure, too much hype, same old sh_t.

Ins M (es) wrote: Hmm... What's to say about Are You Scared ? Considering it was a low-budget (probably independent) movie... Mostly, it was like a huge copy of Saw. Almost as if somebody had stolen the Saw script, made some changes and, ta-da: Are You Scared is born. Anyway, despite the fact that the movie seems like Saw's bastard child, it isn't quite an award-winning movie, yet it isn't that bad either. how to classify a movie like this one ? Let me think for a while. First of all, the soundtrack totally sucked. Acting was terrible. Special effects were lame. So the bonus actually goes to the story. I mean, her father was a psycho, and you can tell since the beginning of the movie that there's something fishy about the girl - yet i only realized the maker of the game was her father in the end (either i'm really dumb or the story isn't that bad - and i'll go with the second one). In the end, it is a movie you must see with a clinical eye if you want to get something good out of it, but after some thinking is done, Are You Scared isn't the worst piece of crap ever made.

Terrance H (fr) wrote: Thank GOD!!! I don't listen to those supposed critics! This movie was good! How can it go wrong with Tracy Morgan and Katt Williams! Hell these guys are talented comedians! I went in a packed theater with a mixed crowd and everyone was laughing. First Sunday was an good comedy. Ice Cube and Tracy Morgan have their funny moments, but Kat Williams deserves roughly all the comedian credit for his hilarious and gut-busting lines as the choir director. All in all this movie is a good comedy, but not great.

Alden S (ca) wrote: 1 out of 10:It might have some decent action scenes but most of them are poorly edited. More flaws in Die Another Day include, terrible Cgi, bad characters, and so many ridiculous moments. This has gotta be worse than Moonraker and A View to Kill.

Sam S (nl) wrote: One of my favorite movies! it has a great storyline and was pretty funny.

Ryan V (ag) wrote: Disney tried to capitalize on the success of the first Homeward Bound with this sequel. The three pets of the first film are lost once again, but in this instance they are wandering through an urban wilderness rather than an actual one. Even as a small child I had little affection for the limp gags and dreary characters found in this movie. It's no surprise that there was little demand for a third installment.

Alexander C (de) wrote: In the early '60s, nomadic single mom Mrs. Flax (Cher) packs up her two daughters, Charlotte (Winona Ryder) and Kate (Christina Ricci), in a beat-up Chevy wagon and moves to small-town Massachusetts. Preteen Kate is obsessed with swimming.

Luke T (jp) wrote: Mike Nichols bounced right back to his brilliant directing best with this superb comedy drama which made Melanie Griffith a huge star. She arguably gives the best performance of her career as Tess, a secretary whose boss steals her ideas.Her boss is brilliantly played by Sigourney Weaver who offers solid support to Griffith. However Griffith will take a huge chance when Weaver is taken ill, so in order to get revenge she pretends that she has her boss's job.It's a very clever film in a way that does provide some good laughs and of course lots of good, messy hair. There is also decent support from Joan Cusack, Kevin Spacey and Harrison Ford.Nichols' direction is solid and this is one film from the year of this release which I like a lot, particularly due to the excellent performances from Griffith and Weaver. It also proves that work that can be fun - you can have a lot of fun.

Connor A (au) wrote: Definitely one of Troma's more down to earth and excruciating results. the utter grittiness and bluntness of Combat Shock is a definite stand-out in the Troma chronicles.

Lincoln A (de) wrote: The Best sequel no doubt but can't compare well with the original but I would still watch it more than once.

Shawn T (kr) wrote: A spaghetti western precursor to the modern uninspired action-comedy.

Steve R (mx) wrote: A fun 1950s Sci-Fi romp, but more of a B feature. Well worth a watch if you like these, but not a strong choice.

TonyPolito (es) wrote: In terms of plot, dialogue and action, Outrage is a Xerox copy of Japanese director Kurosawa's legendary, innovative Rashomon (1950). Outrage transplants a Western motif - samurai becomes former Confederate colonel, channeling medium becomes Indian medicine-man, Japanese bandit becomes Mexican bandito. Perhaps more palatable to American theatre-goers, but the migration muddles. Rashomon's a much better fit with historical elements of Japanese culture such as samurai legend, kabuki and face-saving of honor. What Southern belle would ask her husband to kill her so he wouldn't be dishonored by the shame of her being raped? More importantly, Rashomon's innovative cinematography is mostly missing here. Kurosawa broke the 180-degree rule as the witness walks into the forest to intentionally disorient the viewer. And defied convention by shooting straight into the sun, up through the thick canopy of trees. Both done to convey entry into another world. He swings the camera 270 degrees, pivoting on a face, more than once. Kurosawa shot B&W, creating incredible visuals. Faces, simultaneously covered with shadows of leaves and mirrored natural sunlight, symbolize the co-existence of good and evil in men. Kurosawa employed left-to-right wipes for certain transitions, unseen in Outrage. Kurosawa's evocative facial close-ups, where every single drop of sweat looks precision-placed, probably inspired Sergio Leone. And Rashomon's the first use of flashback as device; in fact, Kurosawa actually employed flashback inside flashback. Outrage is all-but-forgotten due to such directorial shortcomings; ask even an avid film fan when Edward G. Robinson played a snake-oil salesman or Paul Newman played a Mexican bandito and see just how forgotten it is. RECOMMENDATION: If you've seen Rashomon, take a pass. If not, spin them both as double-bill - and see how great direction can easily trump great acting.

Eric H (ru) wrote: Just a Bad movie for kids. It would be great if they remake it the right way.

Eric L (fr) wrote: 100% Classic. The only thing wrong with this movie is that it spawned "Next Friday" and "Friday After Next".

Dennis G (nl) wrote: While there wasn't a smart ass leprechaun to make it a B movie, this one had hope. However, it all came back to the basics of every horror movie and offered nothing different.

Jamey D (es) wrote: It's a rather entertaining and interesting tour through the 1941 Walt Disney Studios, and I actually did enjoy the tour. Quite a few images to keep one busy while the film plays.

Alexander P (it) wrote: Average 80's martial arts except for Van Damme and the lead kid - some pretty good action towards the end - but the bruce lee link is ridiculous - 3 stars for the final fight