The Score

The Score

Kennet, an incompetent thief and incorrigible petty criminal, longs to even 'the score,' which is not in his favor.

Kennet, an incompetent thief and incorrigible petty criminal, longs to even 'the score,' which is not in his favor. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Keith M (fr) wrote: this film kinda of takes a step back in the series as this seems to be between the original series and alien force. it's a good film to go along with the show and doing it in computer animation worked quite well.

Muffin M (kr) wrote: Allan Quatermain battles his arch nemesis in a perilous pursuit of the world's greatest treasure. stars Sean Cameron Michael, Christopher Adamson, Natalie Stone, Wittley Jourdan, Daniel Bonjour, Mduduz Nxumalo, Muzuza, Nick Everhart and Phiwayinkosi Gumede. directed by Mark Atkins.

Jim B (ru) wrote: le mac with ultimate cheesy. horrible movie. bruce Willis as john travolta might have made the movie decent, but overall a waste of time. john travolta was worthless in this in this movie. overall horrible

Tyrus L (fr) wrote: low budget film with a shallow plot, bad acting, and a terrible ending

Clay B (us) wrote: WARRIORS OF HEAVEN AND EARTH (2004)

Daniel D (es) wrote: I will never understand why this film got so much critical acclaim. Yes Dafoes performance was absolutely stunning everyone else was very rubbish especially furlong. I felt zero emotion from him whatsoever his character was annoying. Another major problem is that they make this sound like a very corrupt and Bad prison but yet they didn't show it. Yes there were scenes of violence and a scene of attempted rape but they didn't get in detail enough to make you feel it. All that Dafoes performance offered was to point out how bad the other performances were. It was plain and boring and I can't think of more than one thing I liked about. This movie does not get my recommendation.

Zoe M (fr) wrote: More funny than scary. I think they should reclassify it.

Zach Z (ag) wrote: A visually stunning movie with great music and great dance numbers.

Christopher S (es) wrote: Only modestly entertaining wartime murder mystery is talky and stodgy in that very British way. There is some great black and white cinematography that makes for a handful of effective moments, and a reliably colorful performance from Alastair Sim adds some much needed spark - but the story never rises above the usual old-fashioned intrigue. A well-made film, but not particularly memorable.

Drew S (gb) wrote: A letdown sequel, but still very entertaining!

Hank H (it) wrote: One of the masterpieces of American Cinema, Modern Times is one of the last films with little talking. Technically it is a silent film, however there is a short scene with talking for effect. The little tramp also sings gibberish. This movie is amazing. It deserves much praise. Modern Times is the last Chaplin silent film and one of the last silent films (excluding more recent ones like Silent Movie and The Artist) in the sound era.

Dillon L (au) wrote: one of my favs a great one grew up watching it

Sarfara A (ag) wrote: Cat Ballou is one of great Western films, with great elements of comedy, like The Ballads of Cable Hogue (Starring Jason Robards). I simply adore performance given by Lee Marvin as Kid Shelleen (a role that simply earned him Best Actor Oscar Award, and which he no doubt deserved). Set-design of the film is lovely and typically revisionary of changing West. NOTE: When I started writing reviews for movies on RT, I would simply type short or to say the lest, single-line review, this seems bizarre, so I've been enlarging reviews, after screening them once more. Thanks for bearing with me!