The Sea Chase

The Sea Chase

As the Second World War breaks out, German freighter captain Karl Ehrlich is about to leave Sydney, Australia with his vessel, the Ergenstrasse. Ehrlich, an anti-Nazi but proud German, hopes to outrun or out-maneuver the British warship pursuing him. Aboard his vessel is Elsa Keller, a woman Ehrlich has been ordered to return to Germany safely along with whatever secrets she carries. When Ehrlich's fiercely Nazi chief officer Kirchner commits an atrocity, the British pursuit becomes deadly.

As World War II begins, German freighter captain Karl Ehrlich tries to get his ship back to Germany through a gantlet of Allied warships. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ryan Gordon F (ca) wrote: this film was stupid

Justin M (gb) wrote: Wait, January first? I thought it already came out? Seriously, flixster, wtdf?

Evan H (br) wrote: Way better than I thought it would be. It had funny lines and moments. It was heartbreaking how the main character named X wanted to pursue the career of a hustler. The funniest line in the movie: "One order of freshly microwaved tap-water!" Joey was my favorite character, I must say. Jonathan Trent really made the character of Joey come alive. A must-see, because really this movie hits the mark for entertainment!!

Christian M (kr) wrote: It was snakes on a plane and Sam L yelling. So decent overall.

Luke B (kr) wrote: pretty cool visuals, but otherwise it sucks

Daniel B (de) wrote: Surprisingly fun but with many flaws.

Gading G (kr) wrote: "It has been so long since I was able to see this movie last. Wish I could find a copy of it so could see it again soon" (shellygurl347) --> like this \\^o^//

Sarah H (nl) wrote: A story that sticks with you for years.

Mark N (au) wrote: Yawnfest that is only notable for being shot with the help of cast & crew of Mallrats on the off days. Bland characters go into the woods for some reason, they talk a lot about young people topics, swear a lot, have a minor scrape, find there was another reason for them being there and then it ends. Steals and hour of your life, the cost of its purchase and space on your DVD rack.

Nikolas G (kr) wrote: simile story , hidden humour , a hymn to small thinks and to real people . no great characters , nothing you must try to understand .... a lesson about how we can make a film ...

Tasos L (ru) wrote: Not one of Craven's best horror creations, but it's got some strong scenes, like the one with the ball and the head...remember that ??

bill s (au) wrote: Just a gripping family drama that's very well acted and well pened.Hirch and Lahti both give their best performance

Bret G (ca) wrote: Though no fewer than three plot twists rely on the protagonists' being uncharacteristically thick, Stake Land remains a captivating genre exercise that proves vampires (provided they're not sparkly) make better monsters than zombies. Rent it.