The Search

The Search

In post war Germany, a dislocated and orphaned Czech boy is befriended by an American soldier while his mother desperately searches for him.

In the Post-War Berlin, an American private helps a lost Czech boy to find his mother. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Randy P (de) wrote: It's fun to watch characters taking risks and watching what the consequences are.Not the best horror movie, but it's a good one.

Dave J (mx) wrote: Thursday, December 06, 2012 (2010) The Corridor HORROR What's more worst than watching a film you don't even like is when you come across a much lower budget version of that movie you don't like which this one is like a low budget rendition version of "Dreamcatcher" centering on 5 male friends agreeing to spend their vacation on a snowy winter logged cabin. And the next thing you know they end up killing one another because of some alien calling it 'the corridor' evolving from the sky. The acting is mediocre since all they do is blah, blah, blahing and then when some gory thing does happen they used cheap blood makeup. Oh yeah, one of the guys stabs his friend with a pair of scissors onto his hand at the first few minutes like a dillusional maniac but then after the credits it showed how it came about in the first place. Bomb

Joseph H (nl) wrote: Doesn't seem interesting.

Roland L (ru) wrote: "But love, sometimes what a hindrance? Problems such as this are manifold..."

Arnaud L (nl) wrote: The concept was fun but the final result is very disappointing despite a few good choreography and some welcome comedy touch.


Eric H (gb) wrote: Just a few questions to show how stupid movie this is: 1. How on earth a 13 year old tribal boy can travel to US from Amazon basin without visa and passport? 2. How can a naked tribal boy with loin cloth come to airport, board on plane without attracting attention? 3. How on earth the tribal boy bring an endemic spider from Amazon to US without being stopped at customs? 4. How come a 6 inch blow gun, and a 2 feet bow goes unnoticed in airport scanner and safely transported from Amazon to US? 5. How come the 12 year daughter of Richard kiss a stinking, forever unbrushed, gross stuff eating mouth of the tribal boy from Amazon? I hope now you understand how stupid is the director and this movie.

Alexander P (br) wrote: Not quite as good as original as follows similar scenes but still fun. Follows similar plot to Bride Of Frankenstein - note the completely ripped off soundtrack / theme tune from Psycho - Combs is awesome as always

Greg S (es) wrote: A South American crime lord hunts down the federal agents who killed his brother, but underestimates how difficult it is to take out ex-Playboy Playmates in hot pants. Not the "best" of Andy Sidaris' spy-babe series, but the mix of casual T&A, preposterous action sequences and a confused plot make it a minor hoot.

Ola G (mx) wrote: "Crash" Davis (Kevin Costner), a veteran of 12 years in minor league baseball, is sent down to the single-A (advanced) Durham Bulls for a specific purpose: to educate hotshot rookie pitcher Ebby Calvin LaLoosh (Tim Robbins) about becoming a major-league talent, and to control Ebby's haphazard pitching. Crash immediately begins calling Ebby by the degrading nickname of "Meat", and they get off to a rocky start. Thrown into the mix is Annie Savoy (Susan Sarandon), a lifelong spiritual seeker who has latched onto the "Church of Baseball" and has, every year, chosen one player on the Bulls to be her lover and student. Annie flirts with Crash and Ebby, but Crash walks out, saying he's too much a veteran to "try out" for anything. Before he leaves, Crash further sparks Annie's interest with a memorable speech listing the things he "believes in", ending with "I believe in long, slow, soft, deep wet kisses that last three days... Good night". Despite some animosity between them, Annie and Crash work, in their own ways, to shape Ebby into a big-league pitcher. Annie plays mild bondage games, reads poetry to him, and gets him to think in different ways (and gives him the nickname "Nuke"). Crash forces Nuke to learn "not to think" by letting the catcher make the pitching calls (memorably at two points telling the batters what pitch is coming after Nuke rejects his calls), and lectures him about the pressure of facing major league hitters who can hit his "heat" (fastballs). Crash also talks about the pleasure of life in "The Show" (Major League Baseball), which he briefly lived for "the 21 greatest days of my life" and to which he has tried for years to return. Meanwhile, as Nuke matures, the relationship between Annie and Crash grows, until it becomes obvious that the two of them are a more appropriate match, except for the fact that Annie and Nuke are currently a couple...Baseball movies were not considered a viable commercial prospect in 1988 and every studio passed except for Orion Pictures, which gave writer/director Ron Shelton a USD $9 million budget, an eight-week shooting schedule, and creative freedom. Even so, many cast members accepted salaries lower than their usual due to their enthusiasm for the material. Costner was cast because of the actor's natural athletic ability. During filming, Costner was able to hit two home runs while the cameras were rolling. The movie is partly based upon the minor league experiences of writer/director Ron Shelton and depicts the players and fans of the Durham Bulls, a minor league baseball team in Durham, North Carolina. Kurt Russell, who helped Ron Shelton develop the script, also played minor league baseball in the early-1970s. There really was a ballplayer named "Crash" Davis. Ron Shelton found his name in a baseball listing as a minor leaguer and American Legion player. Realizing that he would have to have the permission of the real Davis to use his name (and thus avoid a lawsuit). When Shelton approached Davis, he was asked "Do I (Meaning Kevin Costner) get the girl in the end?" Shelton told him he does and Davis signed off his permission. Originally, after Annie and Crash have their argument in Crash's apartment, there was a scene in which Annie and Crash go to a bar and have a heart-to-heart talk. In the talk, Crash asks Annie why she loves baseball so much. She explains that several years before, her estranged father passed away and that the funeral took place in Florida. She was so distraught after the funeral that she wandered off and ended up at the New York Yankees spring training facility where she met legendary Yankees catcher, Thurman Munson (thus explaining her shrine to Munson seen in the film). From then on, she developed a deep-rooted love of the game. According to Ron Shelton in the DVD commentary, he cut that scene out when it was received poorly during a test screening. After the scene was removed, a second test screening was done and the movie received a high score. "Bull Durham" was ranked #5 on the American Film Institute's list of the 10 greatest films in the genre "Sports" in June 2008. In David Ansen's review for Newsweek magazine, he wrote that the film "works equally as a love story, a baseball fable and a comedy, while ignoring the clichs of each genre". Roger Ebert praised Susan Sarandon's performance in his review for the Chicago Sun-Times: "I don't know who else they could have hired to play Annie Savoy, the Sarandon character who pledges her heart and her body to one player a season, but I doubt if the character would have worked without Sarandon's wonderful performance". Richard Corliss, in his review for Time, wrote, "Costner's surly sexiness finally pays off here; abrading against Sarandon's earth-mama geniality and Robbins' rube egocentricity, Costner strikes sparks". I liked this movie the first time I saw it in 1988, and I still like it. It has such a great balance between comedy, love story, sports movie and emotional drama. Theres fantastic comic timing, theres true sparks/dynamics between Costner (just brilliant as Crash), Robbins and Sarandon, the direction is of high standard and it still manages to avoid the true clichs of each genre it does contain as said as well by David Ansen. I love the verbal fights between Costner and Sarandon. I love the speech made by Crash in what he believes in: "Well, I believe in the soul, the cock, the pussy, the small of a woman's back, the hanging curve ball, high fiber, good scotch, that the novels of Susan Sontag are self-indulgent, overrated crap. I believe Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. I believe there ought to be a constitutional amendment outlawing Astroturf and the designated hitter. I believe in the sweet spot, soft-core pornography, opening your presents Christmas morning rather than Christmas Eve and I believe in long, slow, deep, soft, wet kisses that last three days." You just simply fall for the oh so beautiful and sexy Sarandon and her ways, but I also see myself so much in how Crash tackles her. "Bull Durham" has a lot in common with "Slap Shot", another great sports movie, and Ron Shelton managed to get back together with Kevin Costner and create another great sports movie with "Tin Cup" back in 1996. "Bull Durham" is just a gem in my eyes.

mike p (us) wrote: Song and dance aside i really enjoyed the hell out of this film. Barbara Stanwyk is friggin gorgeous. Not only does she have the looks but she got the smarts too. The whole seedier side of the Burlesque is great. Girls with big dreams of getting out and making it big in a more respected form of entertainment. Cops busting what they deem too risqu and murder! And there are alot of funny moments too.

Eytan D (de) wrote: Though it treads slightly familiar ground, 'Beautiful Girls" works well because of smart, humorous dialogue, a killer soundtrack, and a stellar ensemble-especially Natalie Portman in a scene-stealing, crackwhip performance as Marty.

Kat G (us) wrote: Brilliantly witty, sarcastic, and irreverent while at the same time providing some quality scares and suspense. Consistently surprising storyline that takes advantage of horror movie cliches to keep you guessing about what comes next. Spectacularly written and performed.

Jimmy C (kr) wrote: Fun popcorn action flick.

Bill R (nl) wrote: with the opening of the movie you get a summary of what to look forward to, but you get a guy that is basically a dick and you know the movie is gonna be off. I know it's suppose to be a dark comedy with shock value but in the end it comes of as a British knock off of American Psycho. not gonna say watch it, also not gonna say go out and find it.