The Second Sight

The Second Sight

Jet is a man who has a psychic ability since he was born. He loathes it, because it makes him a freak in the eyes of others. Every time he reports his vision to friends, they think he's losing his mind. Jet decides to keep his ability a secret. But soon he begins to discover a new use of it: he enters the minds of others and steals their secrets, and from just initial curiosity he starts to exploit such knowledge to his own advantage. When Jet falls in love with a woman, he breaks his own rule. He begins to use his paranormal ability to help his lover in a way that he shouldn't. And the path of unpredictable future is leading him into a dark, unkind destiny.

Jet is a man who has a paranormal ability since he was born. But it makes him a freak among his friends. But everything changes when Jet falls in love with a girl. He begins to use his ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alix G (us) wrote: Very good perf' by P. Badgley. Some nice moments. And of course, great music !

James J (ca) wrote: This is a really awesome little indie film and possibly my favorite superhero flick of all time. It's cool, funny, quirky, and definitely insane. The lead performance is great. However, as much as I like this, it's quite flawed, as the concept is great but the actual plot falters. The tone is a bit confusing as well, as it shifts from comedy gold to inspirational geek drama. However, the journey is worth all the flaws. I seriously love this film.

Bryan L (nl) wrote: A lot of the humor about art classes rings eerily true (especially given the foundation classes I've taken). The movie seems weird at first, but it's really about success in the art world having nothing to do with making art. (also true).

Cindy H (es) wrote: One of the most owerful documentaries I have ever watched. It chronicles not just the beginning of a journey but the continuation.

Aaron W (mx) wrote: "I believe you are sincere and good at heart."Absolutely stunning. This is a film of undeniable eloquence. At only sixty minutes, it may be relatively short but it doesn't feel like any less of a significant work. Hartley simply ended the film where it needed to end, without concern for standard production guidelines. If only more filmmakers were willing to disregard all preconceived notions of the average marketable length. Maybe we would get more films with such subtle poetic beauty as this.

Hayden G (au) wrote: Wow. An American classic.

Russell M (br) wrote: Gran Ganga Gran Ganga!!

Joel H (gb) wrote: Mr. Deeds Goes to Town is a pretty standard Frank Capra film. It's a simple story with likeable characters and an obvious moral of the story. Gary Cooper does a swell job of portraying Longfellow Deeds and Jean Arthur is absolutely charming. This is definitely more serious than the 2002 remake, but it's a well-made movie with plenty of heart.

Randy T (br) wrote: Based on the 1924 case of Nathan Leopold Jr and Richard Loeb, two wealthy upper-crust college students who methodically planned the kidnapping and murder of a 14 yr old boy (Robert Franks).A solid, well acted docu-drama that, near the end, suffers from an over abundance of preachy thespianism. It's one thing to cast the legendary Orson Welles as a Clarence Darrow-ish defense attorney in an obviously anti death penalty message film, but it's awfully highhanded to let him rant incessantly about the barbarics of capital punishment. In effect, he's not a cast member with a script who is reciting monologue to a judge, he's an actor with an agenda speaking to us (the audience).A memorable but highly liberal classic.

Greg W (jp) wrote: sorry nobody that looks as handsome as the 3 leads here could ever b losers except maybe in some alternate universe

Greg R (jp) wrote: This film isn't perfect, there are some weird, stupid moments,and people can make the excuse that the dialogue can be awkward, but the reason I love Night at the Museum is that it's so much fun, and that to me is what matters most in a film, as long as I'm entertained, thats enough for me. I enjoyed so many things about it, the idea is fun, the characters are enjoyable, a lot of the humor is hilarious. I guess some things aren't as good as I remember it, but overall I still enjoy this movie.